Phone and Internet

by newintstudents

Check out: for some of the best phone and internet deals. I personally don’t recommend Vodaphone. It is expensive and they somehow seem to screw you up by taking your money. Best spend it on Optus. Good value for money and they do have an Internet and Mobile phone bundle. They also have heaps of cool deals and you can win prizes.
Most students like to go prepaid because it is cheaper and you don’t have any contracts and you can spend as much as you like.
Skype is an internet program that has cheap or free overseas calls, that allow you to see the other person face to face. It worked for me. To sign up check out:
Don’t go with Dodo; they are expensive and sometimes it does not work. Best to go with iiNet. If you are not sure which internet deal suits you talk to the shop assistant at a computer shop. They would know their product.
I have heard that some of my friends went with Vodaphone for their Internet connections and found that they did not deliver a single byte and people were charged for no bytes of information. I used to go with Vodaphone for both my phone and internet connections and they were pretty bad.