staying safe

by newintstudents

There are many ways to stay safe in Melbourne. Melbourne is a safe city.  Don’t go out too late at night if you can help it. If for some reason, you cannot avoid it, travel with a group of people and walk in well lit streets. Travel near the driver’s carriage or sit behind the driver. If you are waiting alone at night at the train station wait in a well lit area where there is CCTV footage. If something happens to you it will be recorded. 
Also when you are in the library or any other public places, watch your bag. If you are going to the bathroom take all of your belongings, unless you have someone (like your friends) to watch it for you. If sitting put your bag in your lap. If standing put it between your feet or carry it. Thieves target the streets of Melbourne and suburbs.
Avoid people that ask for money in the street. They might take all of your money and attack you.
Some Melburnians are racist so watch out for those that are. We generally like to be friendly.
Watch your drinks. Drink spiking regularly occurs.
You should check the train, tram or bus timetables at: or at Here you can also find out journey times using the “Journey Planner” to plan your journey.
If you are using an atm or EFTPOS machine cover your hand so that no one sees your PIN. It is vital to memorise your PIN. Don’t write your PIN anywhere and as soon as you memorize it destroy it.