TOFWD- The Organic Food and Wine Deli

by newintstudents

tuna nori rolls

poster advertising the fact that going organic is healthy

my green tea

energy balls made from organic trail mix

spelt (a type of wheat) cereal

more organic goodness

my meal which included salad

date: 24/3/11
                This deli is located in Degraves st, which is well known for their fine food. The people there are really lovely and the serves of their food are huge. This is pretty much like RUSU realfoods, except that they serve breakfast. Here I had two sushi rolls and tea, which all adds up to $10.30. I found that their rice was a bit dry and too much soya sauce. They used brown rice, which tends to dry out quickly in sushi. But the fresh ingredients and fast and friendly service made up for it. Im willing to give this another try.

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