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Month: April, 2011


Capers is a kind of spice used to make food tastes a bit nicer. It is salty and comes from Europe. They are quite small and can be included in most pizza and pasta dishes. You can find this in Supermarkets and delis. They are around $6- $10 and can last for a while



Mustard is a type of sauce that you can add to hot dogs, bratwurst, sandwiches and roasts. It comes from England and America.
You can have standard mustard, hot, or mild. It tastes really pickly. Mustard is yellow in colour and in certain types of  mustard it can contain seeds. They are found in supermarkets and delis and costs around $6-$8 per jar. They can keep for a while in the fridge.


The turkish bread and dip is one example of tapas

Another example is the eggplant chips, where the eggplants are cut and deep fried.

These are a snack that is enjoyed before or in between meals. This idea comes from Spain and it includes most European small meals.

spanish onion

This onion is purple on the outside. You will usually find them at the supermarket, green groccers or even on your food when you go out. It can be on pizzas, in pastas, salads etc.
It tastes like normal onion except spicier.
These can be found at the markets, supermarkets and Greengroccers and prices vary within season. They are in season in Autumn, but you can also buy it during winter.

International students lunch

Hey guys,
Do you like free food on Fridays? Are you an RMIT International student? If your answer is yes to both of them, then come to the RMIT City campus on Fridays between 11:30am-2:30pm for some free food.Each week is a different theme. This week was chicken curry, which by the way didn’t taste good. The chicken was rubbery, the vegetables were frozen (ewww!!) and the rice was of a cheap quality. It was bought from the upstairs Caf. But the other time I was there, the Vietnamese rice paper rolls were just fine. It is on in the Student Union meeting room, down the hallway from the Student Union. If you don’t know you can ask at the front counter.
This is organized by the Student Union’s International Department.

sushi, salad, crepes and green tea

This morning’s free lunch had disappointed me. So I went down to Purple Peanuts and Choix creperie by tram. I had seen them before when I tried the PerkUp cafe in the same area. The tram stop is outside in Spencer st. The two restaurants are at the upper end of Collins st, near Docklands. I have read many good things about these two places. They are recommended by the Age as “cheap eats”
1) Purple Peanuts- I had ordered a Veggie Soba salad ($11.90 with Miso soup), green tea ($3) and sushi roll ($2.50 each). The veggie soba salad was ordered on a recommendation by someone from I really enjoyed the salad. The salad was made freshly, but I didn’t quite get the chilli sauce on the bowl.  This is fared much better than the Tomodachi version.
I also loved the miso soup, because it was not from a package, but made freshly with lots and lots of vegetables. There’s not much MSG in this.
The green tea tasted little bit strange and not like green tea. When I drink green tea, I like it to be strong with lots of flavour.
The sushi was superb.

My miso soup which tasted like it was homemade

I loved the decor. It was warm and very inviting (reminds you of Japan).The downside of this is that the restaurant is really cramped and I was elbowed twice when someone wanted to get by. The table was really small. Luckily there is outdoor areas and on a nice sunny day like today, you can sit outside. The staff here are very friendly and I donated all of my change into the jar for the Japanese Earthquake.
They are a vegan friendly cafe, offering most of their meals as vegetarian.

Now on to the dessert:

2) Choix Creperie- I had the AC/DC crepe ($8.50) and proper Green tea ($3.80 for one). The pot looked really big but it wasn’t filled all the way.

Choix Creperie Café on Urbanspoon
The crepe came without Ice cream. I like my sweet crepes to have ice cream. But the filling and the crepe made up for it. This fared better than the Pancake Parlour version of it.
They also have curry and sandwiches.
The downside of this is that there is too much music and it should be a bit quieter like Roule Galette. But I liked the dim lighting though.

I would come back to these two places with many of my friends for a night out.
Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe on Urbanspoon

travellers aid This is a free service that helps all newly arrived students if you do need it. They are located at Southern Cross and Flinders st stations and elsewhere in the city. They can provide some assistance with travel and other needs

another link Here’s a link that should help you out if ever you need any help when arriving in Melbourne and you need a place to stay for a short while. This lists the services in Melbourne that can help you out if you are short of cash or are homeless.

Thai Green curry recipe This is the recipe that we use in RUSU realfoods except we use quinoa or the brown rice to serve this with instead of jasmine rice.


A plate of antipasto to share
Antipasto is an Italian entree (to start the meal) dish which you share with others. It contains preservatives such as artichokes, olives, roasted eggplants, sundried tomatoes and stuffed bell peppers; all of which can be quite salty if you are not used to it. The artichokes are really vinegary. These things can be a bit oily.  It also includes Italian ham, which tastes a little bit weird at first but you’ll get used to it and some brie cheese. 
This dish is served in top notch Italian restaurants such as Sotto.

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