Social customs of Australians

by newintstudents

            In Australia we are very socialable. We like our friendly bbqs and other functions such as parties and bars
Some social customs are:
1)    We always like to line up for everything; tickets, bank, pay phones, trains, buses etc. if you push in then that’s very rude (unless you’re in a hurry of course). If you don’t want to to queue at restaurants and cafes for tables you can also book ahead for a table and then push in.
2)    We always say please and thank you. To not do that it’s impolite.
3)    We like to make eye contact with the person that we are speaking to. To not do that is offensive.
4)    Although tipping is not mandatory in restaurants and hotels, we always like to give tips to the waiter or restaurant if they provide exceptional food or service. The tip is 10% of the total bill.
5)    We never discriminate; to do so is illegal.  Although some people like to be discriminatory towards the Indians, but it has occurred a lot last year.
6)    Spitting out in public is illegal in Australia and penalties are severe.
7)    Smoking in restaurants, bars, and in public places is illegal. You can smoke outside. And if you wish to smoke in someone’s house, ask first.
8)    Loud parties in Australia are frowned upon and are not allowed from 10pm-7am as people are sleeping.
9)    When someone buys you a drink in the pub, we always like to shout him or her a drink back.
10)We like our personal space. To stand too close to someone may be awkward and intimidating. But sometimes in a crowded restaurant/café you may have to give up your table to someone else if you are sitting alone.
11)We don’t mind if you use your hands for takeaway food and lobster and crab in a restaurant, but for restaurant food you must use cutlery, unless you are told otherwise.
12)We are always very punctual to our appointments, classes and meetings. If you are going to be late, give the person a call. To not do so will be wasting the person’s time and they will go off and do something else (after half an hour that is) and may not be bothered waiting for you. Some people such as doctors may charge you money for being late.
13)When we go for job interviews we always like to wear corporate clothes
14)If you get lost, we’re always there to help you. Just don’t ask a person, who looks like they’ll mug you.
15)If you want to take a picture of someone make sure that you ask them first. To not do so is impolite. And we do not take pictures of Government Buildings or train stations.
16)In summer, we always like to hold a “Barbie” or bbq. “Barbie” is the Australian slang for barbeque.
17)We always like to talk slang. We’ll say things like “G’day mate”. “G’day” meaning hello in a friendly way and “mate” being a friend. You’ll soon get used to hearing a lot of slang. “Douche bag” is another word meaning a stupid person is what we use.
18)Littering is frowned upon and in some places such as the roadside it is illegal.
19)Jaywalking where there are traffic lights is illegal. But if there are no traffic lights and you are in hurry, it is alright.
20)When using the elevators, we like to stay on the left so that people who need to go somewhere can walk on the right
21)In Australia we keep to the left.
22)Politics, religion and how much one earns are approached carefully as these are very touchy subjects to some people.