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Month: May, 2011

City library visit and Afternoon tea @ Journal cafe

Today was very busy in the RMIT library at Swanston st and I found it really hard to study. So I took a tram down to Collins st and walked a bit further up and turned right into Flinders lane and went to the City library and Journal Cafe
1) City library
The city library is next to the Centre for Adult Education. Here the library was really cosy and quiet, unlike Swanston library. I was able to get some work done. You can use the computers here for free provided that you book them. It is run by the City of Melbourne and open to the public.
To make you feel at ease there are free to read Vietnamese, Chinese, and other language magazines and books. But you can’t take the magazines out of the library. You can also learn English here.
There are fictional and non fictional books of every kind and subject. Unlike RMIT, there are also DVD movies and music that you can borrow for free. There is also a photocopy area, but I’m not sure how much it is to photocopy here.
There is a quiet study space upstairs and unlike RMIT it is actually very quiet.
Membership is free for everyone provided that you live in Victoria. You need to sign up online and bring in your ID and address into the library for it to be activated.

2) Journal Cafe.
The Journal Cafe is just outside the library entrance. This place specialises in chai tea and I have read really good reviews on They only take cash only. The decor here is lively and I loved the music. You can study here with a good pot of chai tea. Here you can relax with a pot of chai latte ($4 for a big pot) and $10 for a big bowl of soup.
Today I had the pot of chai ($4), a Portuguese tart ($3) and a friand ($2). Both the friand and Portuguese tart were overprieced. The friand was really sweet and tasted like shortbread. It was so little that I worked out the price to be $0.50. WRONG!!! It was $2. The portuguese tart had too much pastry and not enough egg filling in it. And it was too cold. But the chai was done perfectly with the perfect blend of spice. You can add your own honey and milk in it. The pot of chai is enough for two people.

Journal Canteen on Urbanspoon

This is big enough for two people

This looks burnt but its actually the brown sugar

I would come back here for the chai and maybe to try out the soup and some other hot dishes.


Superfoods for everyone
This is a list of superfoods we have here in Melbourne. Most of them you can find in RUSU Realfoods. These foods help keep you healthy and are inexpensive to buy

week 13

Today is a lovely sunny day and it will stay that way for the rest of the week. Yay! We can all go walking in the park/beaches (if you live near one that is), when we want a break from our studies.
This is the week of SWOTVAC, thus I will be checking out the Journal library, the exam venue and South Melbourne. SWOTVAC is a time when we all stay at home or come to the library to do last minute study for exams. Its a really good idea to book a computer at the library so you don’t miss a spot. I have also seen on Facebook that people got really angry when they wanted a computer and someone is using it for their Facebook accounts. So to avoid stress please book a computer.
Or you can check out the Journal library and cafe in Flinders lane, just about a two minute walk from Flinders st station
Also the nights have been colder in the last week. This morning was so cold. It was about 4C. The grass outside my house was so frosty. So make sure that you rug up. Capes and huge coats are in now.
Some people might find it hard to sleep in the cold. Meh that is normal. If you want a good nights sleep, drink green tea. It has a calming effect on you. You can buy it in any tea shop or supermarket.
Good luck with your exams.
XO Sal

sushi and dessert @queen st

Today was a lovely day to have sushi. I have read many reviews on Dontoo and decided to visit there. I have heard it was really good.
Dontoo is on Queen st near the law buildings. Here you can take the free city circle tram from RMIT and get off at Queen st. It is really small, like all the other buildings up that end and the bathroom is outside. You need to get a key for it and unlock the door. It is really dirty inside. If you can hold on for a while, great!
The waitress was really friendly and a real Japanese waitress. You don’t get that much here in Melbourne. In most of the Melbourne Japanese take away joints they are either Chinese or Australian.
Dontoo was really popular. Being such a small place it was really crowded and there was a line of people all wanting takeaway. There is no outdoor seating though.
Today I had a miso soup and chirashi don for $10.50. The rice was a little bit too warm for this dish, but the sashimi, vegetables, cold tofu and ginger in this dish redeemed itself. I think that they should have left out the rice all together and put more vegetables in there.

DonToo on Urbanspoon

The miso soup was really good though. I would come back here to try the bento box and soba salad. The bento box from a couple of tables away looked really good.

After lunch I felt like a chocolate fix and saw a pie face nearby so I stopped there. Here Pie face specialises in pies small or big. I had a small, cold, sickly sweet pear and ricotta pie. I couldn’t taste much of the ricotta in it though.  The hot chocolate I had was quite nice. Altogether my pie and chocolate costed $5.95. The wait staff there were quite unfriendly (with exception to the guy that asked me quite politely if he can take the spare chair after a lady left. Mind you I had to share a table with someone.)

My horribly cold pie and my lovely chocolate

The other lady’s unfinished pie. I had to take it for you just to see how horrible the place is

The decor was really nice though. The pies looked really nice, but take one bite inside and they’re horrid. The lady who I sat with told me so. It tasted so horrid that she left bits of her pie behind. I managed to take a picture of it before it was taken away just to show you how horrid it was.
I would come back here only just for the hot chocolate.

Stress less week

This week was Stress Less Week. There were stalls manned by the Student Union. They gave away free fruit, food, stress balls in the shape of a brain, calendars, 5 minute massages and free advice on what to do if you can’t make it to an exam. Many students came to this event and the balls were really popular.
Special consideration is one of the primary focuses of the blog. I have been talking about how to avoid the need for it, but sometimes you can’t. If you can’t you need to download a form from the RMIT website, print it out, fill it in (if it is necessary get your doctor to fill in the medical bit and tick severe( if they don’t tick severe chances are your application will be rejected)) and hand it in with the supporting documentation at the HUB on your campus. Then you will have to wait about 10 days for a decision to be made.
If your application was rejected, then you should ask the Student Union for some advice on what to do next. The student union has highly trained Student rights officers who can assist you.
Back to the event though. During the week there were free beef rolls and hot dogs. I had a hot dog at the Carlton campus and the meat was so artificial. The roll was chewy and too big for me.
I did like the balls and the fruit though.

The poster

The free fruit

25 ways to make pasta
Here are 25 ways to make pasta that is quick and simple. These are quite cheap and you can make a batch of sauces to put in your freezer for those days that you don’t have money.
What you could do during the first few weeks of semester is to go out and buy a lot of pasta that is dried and come 

Eat @Mister Close in Bourke st

This place is like Pearson’s and Murphys in that it serves a range of great food. But the only thing that they don’t serve is cakes! How annoying, but then they have just started and the waitress is really down to earth and friendly. They also do catering and lunch orders (click on the website below to check out their menu and contact hours)
It is next to Starbucks (in the Target Arcade in Bourke st). This place is much better than Starbucks.
I was really hungry and today I had one passionfruit, chocolate and nut muffin ($4.50) and a hot chocolate ($4). The hot chocolate was really small. I was expecting bigger than this. The muffins were also small. For $4.50 I was expecting much bigger than this. I saw that other people’s meals were also small and they had to pay around $15-$20 for their meals.

Mister Close on Urbanspoon

The place and what its about

The interesting salt jar

My Hot chocolate

My muffin which was warm and slightly dry

The globe light. How cool is that?

The muffins tasted a little bit weird. It would have been better without the chocolate in it. I don’t think chocolate and passionfruit mix together really nicely. It just has this strange taste.
The hot chocolate was ok though. I’d come back for the hot chocolate.
I think that this is only a cash only place
Link to:

great site on superfoods
This is a great site for all to read. It lists all the superfoods and defines them. Some of the foods such as kale, raw cacao and goji berries can be found at RUSU realfoods in the city campus.
Most of the superfoods can be organic.

make cheap coffee at home using an espresso machine
Hey guys another article here. This time its saying that you could make coffee at home yourself instead of buying it.
But you need to buy your own espresso machine. These usually cost around $100 (if buying it secondhand)- $800. These do last a lifetime. When buying them secondhand make sure that it works, because you might not be able to get a refund or fixed freely if something breaks down.
Then you need to buy the beans. They cost around $7-$16 per week (if you buy one bag that is).
This method saves you around $728- $1092 per year, which then means that you can spend it freely on other things


Gelati is an Italian type of ice cream which is low in fat and does not have as much cream as the normal ice cream. You can find many gelati shops in Melbourne.
Gelati comes in many flavours from Chocolate to lemonade and lime. You can eat it in a cone or a cup. 1 scoop of gelati costs around $3-$4.
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