different sorts of fish sold here

by newintstudents

Fish can come as cans ($1-$3 each at the supermarkets)

as well as packaged ($5-$10 per pack). Or they can be fresh pieces

There are a few different types of fish sold here. You can usually find them at your local seafood shop or at the supermarket. The prices can vary due to the market and they range from $20-$50 per kg.
1) Rockling
2) Perch
3) Murray cod
4) Tuna
5) Whiting- you can fry these and eat them as snacks
6) Salmon
7) Barramundi
8) Swordfish.
And other sorts of fish. It’s best to ask your local seafood/fishmonger as to how to cook them, as some of them can be cooked in the Japanese/Chinese style and others not. Some of them you can grill/bbq them