different types of herbs you can find here

by newintstudents

There are all sorts of herbs you can find here. These are easy to plant and costs around $2-$6 to plant. They don’t need a lot of room to grow.
Or you can buy them at the market from $1 a bunch to about $5 per packet. There is not much fresh herbs available at the supermarket. They come as either dried or in a “Gourmet Garden” tube which I think tastes artificial.
1) Parsley- It is used a lot in risotto dishes
2) Spearmint- tastes very minty
3) Vietnamese mint
4) Kaffir leaves- it is used for thai curries
5) Lemongrass
6) Basil- it is very strong and minty and it goes well with Italian pizza and pasta.

A basil plant

7) Coriander- it goes well with asian dishes such as snapper.
8) Chives- tastes like spring onion, except it has a little bit more flavor.

A picture of chives, silverbeet, basil and coriander

9) Chili- you can have green, jalepenos, mild and very hot chili. It can be used in sauces or chopped up and added to dishes
10) Rosemary and thyme- these can be used in baking dishes such as roasts or baked potatoes to add a bit more spice

Rosemary and thyme

11) Garlic- this can be added to garlic bread to give it a garlicky touch.