Different types of fruit and vegetables here

by newintstudents

There are a few different types of fruit and vegetables here in Australia. Most of them you can in the supermarkets, where as others you may need to go to a specialist shop or market.
In season during the summer are:
1) Watermelon- you can buy it in halves or a whole one. They are usually $1-$4 per kg.
2) Cherries- they are about $8-$9 per box from the market. But you can also buy them for $4-$6 per kg.
3) Blueberries- they are sold in punnets for around $3-$5. When they are ripe they are sweet.

A salad of pineapple, blueberries and strawberries
A summer fruit salad with granny smith apples, strawberries, apricots and green grapes

4) Strawberries- they are sold in punnets for around $1.50-$3.
5) Grapes- there are green, red globe and the normal red grapes. They are sold for around $3-$5 per kg.
6) Lettuces- there are a few varieties; cos, leaves, rocket, romaine, iceberg and salvanova. You can buy them in packets. The packets costs around $3-$7 per packet depending on which you buy. Or you can also buy them in kgs or bunches from the market.

sushi burger with mixed lettuce and spanish onion

7) Cucumbers- there are dykes (really small cucumbers), lebanese cucumbers (also small) and continental (normal) cucumbers. You can put them in salads and sandwiches
8) Tomatoes- there are truss (the big fancy tomatoes which are around $6-$8 per kg), green tomatoes, normal red tomatoes and roma tomatoes.
9) Kumatoes- they’re purple in colour and are sweet
10) Cherry tomatoes- they’re little and have lots of flavour. You can buy them in a punnet from the local supermarket/market for $1.50-$2.50

Cherry tomatoes

11) Celery-you can buy them in bunches for around $1-$3 from your local supermarket or market
12) Snow peas
13) Alfalfa and Snow pea shoots. These are bought in punnets from as little as $1.50 per punnet.
14) Pineapple- they have a spiky skin on the outside, but inside it is yellow and sweet. There is a pineapple plantation which tourists can visit in Queensland
15) Paw paw- it has a sweet, but sourish taste and tastes a bit like durian
16) Corn- you can eat them on a cob or with salads and stir fries
17) Passion fruits- they are tangy and sweet and can be used in a lot of desserts and smoothies

In season in Autumn are

A basket full of Australian produce

1) Kiwi fruits- there are green and gold ones. The green ones are sweeter. You can buy 5 for $2 at the local supermarkets and markets.
2) Spanish onions- They are hot and spicy and goes really well with Spanish dishes. You can buy them in bags from your local market and supermarket and they last a while.
3) Potatoes- there are sweet and original potatoes and they come in bags of 1-5kgs.
4) Green beans- these cost around $2-$4 a kg and are readily available in supermarkets.

Green beans, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa, cheese and beef salad.

5) Apples- there are the granny smiths (green with a sourish taste), red delicious (red with a really sweet taste), fuji, pink lady and gala apples. In the supermarkets and markets they cost around $2.50-$5 per kg depending on which type you buy.

6) Pears- there are the ya, nashi, corella (small pears) and normal william barlett pears. These cost you around $1.50-$5 per kg, depending on which type you buy. They are readily available at the supermarkets and markets.

In season in winter are
1) Mandarins
2) Oranges
3) Grapefruit
4) Carrots
5) Onions
6) Cabbage
7) Turnips
8) Raddish (or the asians call it Daikon)
9) Potatoes
10) Pumpkin

Pumpkin and carrot salad

11) Broccoli
12) Garlic
13) Ginger
14) Lemons
15) Lime
16) Eggplants- these are soft in texture

In season in spring are
1) Asparagus- they are funny little stalks that can be bought in bunches.
2) Green beans
3) Brussel sprouts- they’re tiny little balls and tastes a little bit like cabbage.
4) Broccoli
5) Capsicum- you can eat them in salads, salsas, stri fries, pasta etc. They come in green, yellow or red. The red one is sweeter and tastier.

Some of these ones such as chinese celery and bok choy are available at the supermarket as well as the asian shops. The Victoria market and asian shops may also have dragon fruit, coconuts, Longans and durians.
But why not grow your own fruit and vegetables if you have your a garden? You would need to ask permission from your landlord. It only just costs less than $100, some time to set it up and maintain it and a car trip to your local nursery to set it up and you can enjoy having free produce in no time. You can ask for advice from your local nursery as to what you need to set up your little patch. The plants keep for years and years.