the provincial food store

by newintstudents

I was in Brunswick today, working away on some assignment in the library, when I thought that I will pop by the Provincial food store. It is about a 15-20 minute walk from the Brunswick campus, but a short tram ride on the number 55 tram from the city campus.
I have read that this store is gluten free and organic and healthy. I love organic food. This shop sells a lot of stuff for people to take home such as chocolates, museli, ready made meals, sauces etc. I bought some museli for $7.50 per packet. The food is expensive but they source the food from Victorian country towns and farms. In the end I am supporting the local farmers.

My Museli that I bought

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Because it is a food store the ambience is just like the Cerezo sandwich deli, except that it was not busy. (I had arrived there by 12pm).
Service was quick and efficient. They also do catering as well and you can phone in your order an hour  or two before hand and it will be ready.
Today I had two lovely thai fish cakes with salad. The salad is a bit small for the price of $9.50, but the dish is well worth it. The fish cakes are made freshly and have potatoes, peas, tuna (which they have in stock) and maybe a little bit of onion.
The relish is quite sweet. I had expected it to be a bit spicy with hot chilli, but seeing as some people don’t like hot chilli, one of the other less spicier version was used. I loved the onion relish. They have the jars of relish in store for about $10-$11.
Hot chocolate ($3) was really nice. It had lots and lots of froth which I love.  It packed a really sweet punch. This is a bit better than some of the commercial ones bought at cafes.