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Month: July, 2011

the careers expo and south melbourne market

Today I went to the Herald Sun’s career expo. It was free for me because I got the ticket through Catalyst a student magazine.

Fridays at the careers expo is the day that the schools come. Hence it was packed there.
But I did get to sample a free hot coffee from Hospitality training Australia- this is a place that does training for students about coffee making and wait staff. They said that it was important that students get trained on how to use the coffee machines, coffees and other stuff before they work as wait/bar staff. It is about $105 and it goes for about ten weeks. The school is in the city.
There are lots of other courses on offer for students. There was another school offering to teach students on being a barista.
Wangamama is looking for people to be wait staff. They are offering jobs at the expo.
You can look for jobs online at
Also Youth Central has lots of information on managing money.
There were lots of performances on the day such as VU’s science show.

After that I went to the South Melbourne Market on the number 96 tram (about five minutes from the careers expo). It’s in zone 1. I could happily live here. Here it is a student haven. Everything here is under $10. The bakery in the food court had a special of 3 loaves of bread for $5. OMOMOMOMOM!!!!
There’s another bakery outside which did a special of $5 per loaf of bread, but I already had bread at home.

At PADRO coffee house where they make their own blend

The coffee machines which you can buy here

At the spice and oil shop opposite PADRO’s

At the organic shop buying popcorn

Then there are fruit and vegetable stalls which sold everything for under $5 a kg. I didn’t have a chance to go into the meat and fish section so I can’t comment on that.



Today I went to Victoria Market and I came across a place called Gozlemes. With that name I thought that they might be selling the gozameles (A turkish bread). But no such luck. They did however sell turkish coffees, boreks, pitas, cakes and other Turkish Delights.
It is in zone 1 and in the city saver zone. Here you can catch a tram going on Elizabeth st towards the north and get off at the Victoria Market stop. There it is only just a few minutes walk
The decors is very lovely and comoforting. The ambiance is not as loud as 3 Degrees and I did actually end up having a good time.
The server there was very friendly and she seemed to know a lot about turkish coffee.
Their coffee is supplied by Jasper coffee. This is one of the coffee brands that I really liked.
I had the borek and turkish coffee deal for $7.90.
The turkish coffee is supposed to be without milk but people can order milk if they want. Its supposed to be strong and not so sweet. It tastes a bit bitter, but none the less I liked it. The turkish coffee came with a turkish delight. Although it is a bit small I did enjoy the coffee punch.

The pastry was a bit thinner than the filo pastry and I really enjoyed eating the borek. It was so yummy.
The turkish delight was really sweet and it added the sweetness to the coffee.
All in all I had a really good time here. I’m not sure if they are mentioned in the Age good cafe guide but they should be if they aren’t.
Students you will really enjoy coming here and Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet blog, The chronicles of Ms I hua and Miss Adriennely should come and check it out

3 Degrees bar and cafe

I went to the 3 Degrees bar and cafe in QV with my library group. There were about 25 of us in all. Outside was really chilly so I hoped we did not sit outside. Luckily we sat inside and they were great in accommodating large groups of people. The booking had been made about a week before.
The ambiance was really loud and noisy and loud music was playing. You had to order from the bar and they give you a table number. No water was offered.
The food took a while to come. My guess is because they are so busy, but really the kitchen did not look busy. I had a pinenut, feta and pumpkin pizza ($12.50), Ms A had nachos ($10) which she said that they were quite filling, B had pasta, C had a beef burger and chips ($18 or there about) and D also had nachos. C’s burger was really hard to cut into because it was so big. I think they should have given her a steak knife. I had the chance to try a few of the chips and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was canned and obviously from Heinz. The chips were frozen and fried in too much oil.

A’s tomato salsa from the nachos tastes like it was canned and from Doritos. Also the chips tasted like Doritos chips. I couldn’t taste the guacamole and the sour cream because they were all mixed in with the salsa.  A and D said that they were quite filling and they couldn’t finish the whole bowl.
B’s pasta was overcooked. I didn’t get to try the other ingredients.
My pizza’s base was thin which I like. But they put too much cheese and not enough vegetables.
All in all I would not come again unless I really have to or if its for just drinks

Three Degrees on Urbanspoon

Diane’s cheap sushi

I went to Diane’s sushi close to 2pm. I was in the mood for some sushi. A few weeks ago I received an advertisement to try them out. So I did.
The place is just outside Melbourne central train station (Latrobe st side) near Elizabeth st. It may not look like much on the outside, but the inside is a totally different story. They have limited seating inside, hence this is takeaway joint.

Most of their sushi is priced under $2, with the exception of brown rice sushi which is $2.50. The inari was $0.80. They do however have a $1 sushi special.
The guy seemed pleasant, but a little too cocky for me. No wonder there are not that many customers.
Here’s what I ordered: A salmon brown rice sushi roll ($2.50), an inari ($0.80) and a vegetarian sushi roll ($1.60). I forgot to take pictures of them.
The inari was plain and dry. It looked like it was a day old.
The salmon sushi roll was freshly done and the rice was a little sweet. The salmon was very fresh though.
The vegetarian roll was just right.
I would come back here just to have the rolls and nothing else. And only for takeaway. Students don’t buy the $0.80 inari- it is really dry

Endeavour College $2.50 coffee special

Today I needed a mocha wake me up just before evening class and I saw that Endeavour College had a $2.50 coffee special between 12pm-2pm each weekday. They have a 10% off items for their own students.
Everything here is organic and fair trade. The coffee that they use is “Jasper coffee” a type of organic coffee. RUSU realfoods stock this too.

They are only a takeaway place.
They also sell the Jasper coffee beans some for $10, others for more than that. They also stock food too but I wasn’t hungry.
The mocha tastes like they have put too much coffee in there and not enough chocolate in there. The coffee beans however are strong and flavoursome. I love the artwork.
The guy was friendly, but not overly friendly.
I would love to come back here.

Day out at Melbourne Uni and I’ve only spent $11.30 on meals.

Today was wet and really cold and I was in the library. I had brought my own lunch but I decided to go to Crepes A Carte outside the John Medley buidling westwards. After weeks of trying to find it I found it. I have read reviews from Miss Adriennely’s blog that it was really good so it was time to have a try of it.
This place has quite a few savoury and sweet crepes. I’m not sure if the crepes are gluten free and I don’t think they do vegetarian crepes.

Crepes a la Carte on Urbanspoon

They are enviromentally sustainable and they use biodegrable cups and paper. They are also student run and I don’t think they are for profit altough they might beg to differ on that.
The sever was really pleasant to me. He was really chatty and let me take pictures for my post.
The place is really only a take away place is probably not such a great idea to visit when it is wet. My crepe Raspberry grappa jam with whipped cream was only $6. I would have order ice cream but it would have melted by the time I ate it.
The whipped cream had melted but the rest was so yummy.
The seating area outside. Here it is a bit too dark

Later on I went to Breadelicious in union house to buy my hot chocolate ($3.50) and a mexican bun ($1.80). With my chocolate I got my cheese breadstick for free as it is buy one hot drink get a cheese stick/crossaint/jap bun free. They have run out of the jap bun.
The server was really chatty. They looked like they were students. Both of them were in casual. I liked the Indian guy.
There is no seating. I had to sit outside in the food court and it was really cramped with lots and lots of students.
The mexician bun was bit salty for me. But I loved the coffee on top. It was also a bit small for $1.80. I have seen bigger ones for $1.80 in Breadtop and Bread and butter.
I loved all the foam on the chocolate, but they could have put a bit of art on top to make it worth $3.50. A bit more sugar would be great for me, but if are a not so sweet person this will probably be right for you.
The cheese stick was a bit too sweet for me. I think I would have liked the cheese stick to be salty and the Mexican bun to be sweet. I think they must have mixed their serving utensils. And the cheese stick should be cheesier.
Lets say that there are much better places than this.

Cupcake central

Went to Cupcake central today after having heard that it just opened recently at Melbourne Central. It is about 3 floors up from the Melbourne Central station.
It just opened last week and they have a promotion of fifty free cupcake giveaways a day. But you have to follow them on twitter or like their page on Facebook and get the code for the cupcake. It is one per person. Today’s free cupcake is a raspberry lemon cupcake.
They do a few gluten free as well as vegan cupcakes. There are many varieties made freshly daily.
The man serving me was a gentleman and obviously in love with all things vegan. He let me take a few pictures.

I also ordered a small pear crumble cupcake ($2) as well as a mocha ($3.30). The coffee beans are from Di bella roasting warehouse.
I loved the cupcakes. They are just like my mums flavoursome cupcakes except without the filling in the middle. The lemon one was really tangy which I love.
I would come back here again this time with my Entertainment book voucher of buy one cupcake get one free. To the Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet blog this place would be for you, because we all know how you love to try a good coffee and a free cupcake (or two)

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o day at bundoora

Today was really cold and wet out in Bundoora. The bundoora campus is about 1 hour by tram from the city.
It was pretty relaxing out there in Bundoora. There wasn’t that many people around but it was really good.
the only people that came were the clubs and the RMIT Student Services. The RMIT Student Services gave away free fruit and drinks.
The profetjies (Dutch Pancakes) and the satay burger was good. The satay burger was a bit messy to eat.
There were free calendars, pens etc to be given away as well as memberships to be sold.
All in all it was a great day.


Everyone’s lining up for lunch

my burger which looked like a mess but tasted nice

free fruit

Everyone’s lining up to buy tickets to some ball

Illy cafe @Lt lonsdale st

Illy is a brand of coffee here in Melbourne. Hence they are also a cafe that specialises in coffee and hot chocolate only. There is only a limited range of food on offer. But they do sell some of their products such as coffee shots for $3.50 (sml) /$4.50 (large). They are an organic place and everything they serve here is organic. They use their own coffee blends to make the coffees.
Illy is only a 5 minute walk from Parliament station. It might be a bit hard to find, but if you walk past Trunk Diner you should be able to see a small sign saying “Illy”. It looks like a factory from the outside.
The atmosphere was dark here. It was cozy and open here and looked a lot like a bar.

My camera’s not very good at capturing pictures in the dark

The retro looking magazine stand

Illy’s own takeaway cups

The gentleman that served me was warm and very knowledgeable about his products. He also suggested that I try the shortbread ($3.00). The shortbread was a bit too small but I did like the sweetness of it.
I was in no mood for a coffee so I had a hot chocolate ($3.00). This was quite nice and warm for a cold winters day. It was really bitter sweet, even after two sugars.
Since this place is near my workplace I’d love to come here again. This place is about a five to ten minute walk from RMIT city campus and if you just feel like an organic coffee or hot chocolate,  you should come here.
Illy Cafe on Urbanspoon

Coffee at Di Bella’s roasting warehouse

The Di Bella’s coffee roasting warehouse is a place that sells coffee beans, machines, equipment and cups to the public as well as supply cafes with their coffee beans and equipment. Di Bella is a company that makes their own coffee blends in Melbourne. They are one of Melbourne’s favourite coffee companies. These beans are used quite heavily in Melbourne’s cafes.
They also run small classes in the evenings for people wanting to be a coffee barista in Melbourne. Classes costs $130 each.
They also sell coffee machines and if you buy one you get the training for free. Machines start from $300 and goes all the way up to $3000.
This place was recommended by, The Age’s Cafe and Shopping Guides.
How to get there:
You can take the Number 57 tram from West Maribynong or from Elizabeth st in the city going to West Maribynong and get off at the corner of Victoria and Errol sts and then there is a small laneway that leads to Leaveson st. There you will find the Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse (Its at 19-21 Leaveson st, North Melbourne). It is by the way only in zone 1.
The place looks like a coffee roasting warehouse. Although they sell coffee things, they also serve good coffees and plenty of food. It was recommended by the Age’s Cheap eats and that sticker is on their doorstep.

The coffee tasters wheel tells you how your coffee should taste

The staff there are quite lovely and knowledgeable about their products as well as their coffees so you will be in good hands. Kudos to the lovely lady who knows about cakes and who told me that the strawberry cupcake was the nicest.
Today I had a mocha, strawberry cupcake and macadamia biscuit ($2). Altogether it costed me about $9.90. The mocha was full bodied. I tried the modena version. I loved all the cream on top. But there was only a subtle taste of chocolate and that was down the bottom.
The strawberry cupcake had a hint of rose which was lovely. But I think that it was too moist and a little soggy.
The biscuit was tiny and a bit meh.
I also got to try a free sample of the cold coffee from the coffee drip. I didn’t know that coffee can be really cold as well as hot. Anyone can ask for this and have a try. This is not meant top be with sugar and milk because it will weaken the flavour of the coffee. It was really bitter without the milk and sugar.
All up I would like to come back soon to try their decaf version.

The machines on display

The cold drip filter 

My sample of coffee

The wall where all the good reviews are written

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse on Urbanspoon

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