Diane’s cheap sushi

by newintstudents

I went to Diane’s sushi close to 2pm. I was in the mood for some sushi. A few weeks ago I received an advertisement to try them out. So I did.
The place is just outside Melbourne central train station (Latrobe st side) near Elizabeth st. It may not look like much on the outside, but the inside is a totally different story. They have limited seating inside, hence this is takeaway joint.

Most of their sushi is priced under $2, with the exception of brown rice sushi which is $2.50. The inari was $0.80. They do however have a $1 sushi special.
The guy seemed pleasant, but a little too cocky for me. No wonder there are not that many customers.
Here’s what I ordered: A salmon brown rice sushi roll ($2.50), an inari ($0.80) and a vegetarian sushi roll ($1.60). I forgot to take pictures of them.
The inari was plain and dry. It looked like it was a day old.
The salmon sushi roll was freshly done and the rice was a little sweet. The salmon was very fresh though.
The vegetarian roll was just right.
I would come back here just to have the rolls and nothing else. And only for takeaway. Students don’t buy the $0.80 inari- it is really dry