coffee at Ruckers Hill @ Northcote

by newintstudents

I was feeling particularly sleepy today, due to not much sleep last night. My hayfever was really bad. I knew I had to be out in RMIT Bundoora today to attend an AGM and to help out.
So I felt like a mocha to pick me up. On the way to Bundoora on the 86 tram I saw an interesting looking place called “Ruckers Hill”(zone 1). You get off at either stop 32 or 33 and its in the middle about 1 or 2 minutes walk.

Ruckers Hill is an organic foodstore but they also do coffees and run a cafe. Here the cafe uses the Atomica blend of coffee. They love to do their salads and have really yummy goodies.
Here it was lovely and very clean and they love to use lots of plants and wood to brighten the environment.
The ladies there were really friendly and one of them said that they love food blogs. So I am hoping that this will please her.
Today I had a mocha $3.50 and two macaroons $5.00 altogether. The macaroons were salted peanut and cookies and cream. I loved the saltiness of the salted peanut and I loved the sweetness of the cookies and cream.
The mocha was really nice and it did the trick. I could taste a little bit of chocolate in there.
Kudos to the waitress who was really nice and smiled. Kudos to her that recommended her two favourites and was really warm. I wish everyone was like you! I recommend this place to Miss Adriennely as one place that she could try. I also recommend this to Meld Magazine.
One day I will be back with my friend
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