Lunch at Cafe Viva

by newintstudents

I had lunch at cafe viva with two of my friends A and B. We felt like going somewhere close to home, since B had to meet her boyfriend and see her parents.
So after much trouble with parking and being indecisisive we found this place: Cafe Viva.
Here it was pretty quiet, unlike other places in Moonee Ponds. Up the road at FIX expresso it looked pretty busy. So this was not a good sign and we should have noticed it straightaway.
The wait staff here were not too bad, although I did see one just checking her phone every five seconds and not doing much else. But the older woman took care of us, asking how our meal went etc. Service was a bit slow though.
B looked at the menu and saw that the salads here was overpriced. So she ended getting a penne pasta and an english breakfast tea. This tea appeared to be on the weak side, which was fine for her.

A got a smoked salmon pasta and a chai which was full of powder. I got to taste some of A’s pasta and chai. I found that the pasta was smothered in too much salmon sauce and was overcooked. A didn’t finish her pasta. B also said the same thing about their pasta. The chai tasted like the ones you get in a packet, not like real chai.  I got a Italian breakfast with scrambled eggs and spinach ($11.90). B said that she hated scrambled eggs so she didn’t get the breakfast. I also got a hot chocolate ($3.50).
The hot chocolate was really nice and thick which was good for a cold day. It was not too sweet for me.
My Italian breakfast did not have  much bread in it to soak up all the juices from the eggs. Hence it was a bit soggy. Eggs were done nicely, but I would have liked a bit of onions in there or something. Some olives on the plate would be nice. It did have a lovely spread of pesto to it which was nice. But a bit more bread for the amount of eggs I got would be better.
I would revisit the place if the food was done much better.