Eat at Prahran Market

by newintstudents

Today I went to Prahran market on this lovely sunny day. It was bustling full of people and I wanted to try out the Beangreen cafe since it had a nice vegetarian vibe to it. But whilst the front looked the good, the staff were really rude. They tapped me rudely on the arm and said ” You have to ask before you can take pictures”. Who wants to do that? So in the end I just walked.

I walked on to Rumbles, a little cafe just adjacent to the Essential ingredient. It was a lovely cafe with coffee from Venezianno. Here I had pumpkin and quinoa salad and a lentil salad all for $5. I also had green tea ($3.50 a pot).
The green tea was just ordinary, but the lentil salad was nice. The lentil salad was vinegary which I liked. The pumpkin salad was just little strange. I’m not sure what dressing they used but it was a little strange.

The lady was so nice that she let me buy the rice paper rolls from the cart outside. I had been meaning to try that cart for a while now. The rice paper rolls were $5.50 and there was a long queue. Everyone wanted the salads. The salads looked so good. Next time I’ll have to try them.

Next time I’ll have to bring big Fil here from Eat and be merry as they are a health cafe with the student in mind.
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