Visit Preston Market

by newintstudents

Preston Market is an Asian dominant market between Melbourne and Bundoora. It is about twenty minutes by tram and ten minutes walk from RMIT Bundoora.
This market is open from Wednesday through to Sunday and only during the daytime. Although I said that this is Asian dominant there are a few European shops and a Gozleme cart. There is a proffetjie cafe that I’d have to try next time when I’m here. There is even a donut cart, but these donuts are not as expensive as the ones at Queen Victoria Market. Here you can buy 6 for $4.50.
All the fruits and vegetables are under $7 a kilo. Here they looked really appealing and the bananas were about $2.50 per kg.
I went to a coffee and cake shop at the market that sells cheap cannoli. Cannoli is an Italian sweet with pastry and vanilla and chocolate filling inside.The cannoli there is $1.30 each or you can buy a pack of twelve for $14. I also got a very strong espresso with a sweet for $2.80. I like it when there is a free sweet with my coffee. It just makes my day.

There is a dumpling shop outside where you could buy some dumplings for lunch. Here I bought a tiny red bean bun for $1.20.

Some of the stuff I saw at the market

Next time when I visit I will have to explore High street a bit more.