Expresso Bagels

by newintstudents

This shop is primarily a bagel and a coffee shop. Here they specialise in bagels and coffee. Their beans are from a coffee company based in Sydney called “Griffith”.
They have a few breakfast specials so today Friend A and I popped over there for a coffee. I felt like having breakfast though. I was starving.
The server there just did her average job…not much to rave about. There was hardly anyone there except for an old guy waiting for his takeaway. But being 10am I guess everyone’s at work and things are pretty quiet then.

All the bagels are under $11 which is not bad for lunch and breakfast.I had the $8.50 breakfast and coffee bagel special which included the long black, which by the way came in a massive cup. My friend just got herself a cup of green tea ($3.00). When I ordered my bagel I was asked which bagel I wanted and I said the “everything bagel”. They have quite a few different varieties of bagels there. There’s poppy seed, everything, white, boiled etc. I think that all the bagels are made on site which is good.
But the bagel was pretty small though. But it was filling. The bacon was a bit oily. I loved the egg and the mayo though. They put just enough and didn’t overpower it too much which is good. There was a bit of tomato but not a whole lot of it.
I think Adrienne from Miss Adriennely would probably like it. Everything here is reasonably priced. Also Big Fil might like this too especially for breakfast. If you have a really huge appetite then this probably won’t suit you. But if you are in the mood for bagels and study or work at RMIT then this might be the place for you. And also if you like large coffees then this is a good place too.

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