Bagels at Glicks and Cupcakes at Little cupcakes.

by newintstudents

Today I was out of bread and was in the city working hard so I went to a place called Glicks bagels. It was really hard to find because it was located in Customs house and in the office end of Flinders lane.
It is a bakery and the RMIT Student Union uses its bagels to do their free weekly breakfasts. A few of my friends recommended this place to me and I can safely say that they are right about their bagels. Glicks does some sort of catering
Lunchtime today was not too busy….it maybe is because I arrived there a little too late at around 12.40pm where most of the stuff has run out. There are vegetarian options at the place as well as breakfast and cooked meals.
But I had the salmon bagel $9.90 and it was filling. It was a little bit soggy from all the lemon that was squeezed into it. It had some fresh vegetables in there and the salmon was really fresh.

The lady there was a little hostile with no smile.

Later on
I visited Little Cupcakes in Degraves street after months of procrastination. Thanks to the person that recommended it to me…. it was such a nice find. Sorry it took me a while to visit it.
But you were right,  I did enjoy the lovely cupcakes. I had the Red Velvet and the Belgian chocolate and I got to say that the Red velvet was much better than the one in Cupcake Bakery. But I liked the Belgian one the best. Both of them were $2.20 each.

 Someone else’s coffee

They also sell loads of cute items and Seven seeds coffee. I didn’t get the chance to try their coffees but I did try their teas and loved their green tea. I also liked the cute milk bottle, cups and wooden tray. It reminded me of being in the country.
The ladies there were really friendly to everyone that they served and they didn’t mind refilling my teapot for no extra charge. This place was bustling full of people all wanting to buy their Christmas cupcakes.

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