Eat at DDG cafe

by newintstudents

DDG cafe is a relatively new cafe in QV shopping centre. It has been opened for four months now. This is not to be confused with the DDG restaurant next door where they have silver and black service.
This cafe uses Deans Coffee beans and this was relatively new to us ( me and my colleague that is). This place was relatively quiet at 10am when we entered. I think people were a bit confused between DDG cafe and restaurant given the negative reviews of DDG restaurant. Maybe nobody knew that there was a cafe in between.
The cafe was recommended by the Age Cheap eats and I agree that this is a good cheap eat.
Not only that they do good coffees, they also do good organic toasts as well. They have seven blends of coffees on offer, but only three of them were offered to us today. They have three types of soy milk such as Bonsoy, which my colleague is a huge fan of.  My colleague ordered a soy flat white and I ordered the toast and coffee deal ($6).

They also have other deals such as the muffin and coffee deal which was $6.50.
The guy called Dean was really friendly and hospitable to all of his customers. When we were there some of his well known customers were served.
The toast did take a while to come, but it was really good. It was organic and the jam that they used was organic apricot jam. The jam was homemade and fresh.
My espresso was small but really did pack a punch. My colleague said that her coffee was nice. This was better than the one that I had yesterday at Breadtop.
Now I recommend this place to Big Fil of Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet and Miss Adriennely. Miss Adriennely would like the breakfasts and coffees here.
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