Eat at Dons Dons

by newintstudents

I forgot my lunch as per usual and as per usual I didn’t have a lot of money. So where did I go for lunch? Don’s Don’s of course.

Don’s Don’s is ranked number 65 on  And as per usual it was a buzz with people. Because it didn’t have a lot of seating most people went for the takeaway. All the meals come out as soon as you order them. They have a huge production line and they earn a lot of money this way. The shop was small and cramped. They should build a bigger shop.
 But it didn’t stop them from charging me an extra $0.10 for an extra spoon which they should have brought out in the first place for me to eat with my Sashi don ($8.90). Nor did it stop them from providing me green tea ($1.20) in a paper cup which I thought was odd for eat in.
The sashi don was huge! It filled me up. I loved the fresh pieces of salmon, but what I found odd was warm rice and the wrong pickles being used. I liked the salad leaves and the tofu. They were both fresh.

Next time if I’m eating at Don Don’s I should try and go for the warmer dishes.

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