Which rice paper rolls are better? The one you make yourself or the one that you buy from the supermarket?

by newintstudents

Which rice paper rolls do you like? Rice paper rolls is widely available here and eaten here especially in summertime. So we have decided to weigh up the options of supermarket vs home made.
The supermarket rolls- $4 per pack.
You usually don’t have choice of ingredients, but if you are in a hurry these might be the best option.

These don’t have a lot of ingredients in them, more like oodles of noodles and thick rice paper skin. It tastes a little bit like cheong fun because of the thick rice paper skin and the oodles of noodles.

The sauce is a little bit artificial.
Your home made ones- $3 for eight rolls provided that you have all the vegetables and meats to start.
It is quite easy to do and you can put in whatever you fancy from the kitchen

The sauce you know that it is fresh and authentic

Me? I prefer the home made one