Coffee at Sunny’s bakery

by newintstudents

Sunny’s bakery is a small little Vietnamese bakery in Smith st, Fitzroy. Because it is so small it is mainly a takeaway place.
But here their coffees are really cheap; $2.50 for small, $3 for a medium and $4 for a large cup of coffee. But this wasn’t the best coffee that I have had. Their coffee is from Beraldo, not known for best coffee.
I had a long black.
They have a huge selection of rolls. They have about 13 different varieties on the menu from pork to salad and egg. Their prices were between $4-$6 which is not bad for a student since they were huge and filling. I got to admit though the price was good, the vegies were not as fresh as they should be and the carrot didn’t have enough vingar to it to make it strong and pickly like vietnamese cucumber.
The only thing being a letdown was the dragon ladies behind the counter saying no pictures. But I managed to sneak in all my pictures.