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Month: January, 2012

Waffle On

This place is a little cheap eatery outside Flinders st station. I went there on a really hot day for ice cream and of course waffles.

It was 4pm by the time I arrived. Here it was not really busy but the service was really quick and the guy serving me was really lovely. You can see them making the waffles.
Their baguettes are $10 a piece and the waffles are priced anywhere between $4.50 and $7. I got the Canadian waffle for $6.50. Here it includes a scoop of ice cream on a freshly made waffle. These are nothing like the ones from Max brenners in the city. These ones are moist and doughy. Heavenly for a cheap price!
They also have some take home waffles 5 for $15. Next time I will come and try the baguettes.

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Meshiya is a nice little Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese food and drinks.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, why have you become so expensive but have not increased your portion sizes? You used to be really cheap, but now you are really expensive.
When I brought people over they were really happy about the price. Even though we loved the quality of the food, I’m afraid I won’t make too many visits.

Last time I went was about a year ago and prices were reasonable.
Today I brought a couple of people over and whilst they were wowed by the food, they weren’t by the prices. I had the Chirashi don ($18 or $19 I can’t remember, last time it was $16) as usual and as usual it was really good with the fish being fresh.
We all shared a gyoza plate ($7.00). I have to admit, these weren’t the best gyoza I had. In fact these were a little too soggy and fell apart.
The others had a mini chirashi ($14 for such a small plate) and eel sushi. I didn’t get to try the eel sushi but I think they really enjoyed this.
I don’t whether it was me that caught you on a bad day or what but I might just ask Big Fil from eat and be merry to try this place out and see what he thinks of it.

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Eat at Simply Spanish

Simply Spanish is a place recommended by the Age Cheap eats. Whilst I walked past it a few times, I was keen to try the place. The smell of paella cooking outside is AMAZING!!! But it was always too crowded and a little expensive.
But when I heard that it was $12.50 a plate, I’d figured that I’d go try.

So I went and the place was really lively. Couldn’t quite understand all the hype because the seafood in my $12.50 paella did not live up to my expectations. The calamari was a bit tough and the mussels weren’t cooked right through; the shells were closed. I loved the rice and the flavourings… they were really good. But there was a little too much flavourings and too little chorizo in it. What I would love to see was a little more chorizo. They forgot to cut off some of the fat and the grizzle off the chicken, but the chicken was cooked all the way through like it should be.
Paella is a Spanish dish cooked outside and it involves Spanish rice, flavourings, seafood, chicken, beef etc. And it involves mussels and calamari.
I also had the bread and oil, which I thought it was for free, but it wasn’t. IT WAS $2.50 WHICH THE WAITRESS SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!!!!

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Hardware Societe

I had a quick coffee at the Hardware Societe. I saw that it was ranked number 1 in Urbanspoon and it did not disappoint. A lot of bloggers have raved about this place for some time now, but this place is not close to work so did not go there up until now.

Here they sell lots of products including freshly baked bread by Noisette. Breakfasts here are about $11-$15. Service was friendly and friends have recommended this place to me. I sat at a communal table.
The coffee ($3.50) did not disappoint me. The beans are from PADRE and it was neither bitter nor sweet. But I did love the pastry ($4) by Noisette. Soft  and yummy.
Now I can see why the crowds of people love to come. Although this place is expensive it is worth a try. I didn’t get to try out the eggs though because they were expensive and I already had breakfast at home. There is a gluten free option but that is an additional $1.

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The best places to eat in Melbourne

These are some of the best places to eat in Melbourne. They don’t cost a fortune

1) A1 bakery-Lebanese food for cheap in Brunswick for Brunswick students. Need I say more!!!!
2) Milky Joes- they are a place that uses the Dibella coffee beans and they are just like the Di Roasting warehouse. And their pastries are by Noisette.

3) DI bella roasting warehouse- good coffee at good prices. And what’s more they do coffee courses and classes for people that are serious about their coffees.

4) Dessert house eatery- cheap hong kong style quality food. And you can buy the drink for a cheaper price if you buy a meal. The servings are quite huge for what you pay for!

5) Roule Galette- am loving the crepes here! And the French guy who makes them is lovely!

6) Shanghai Dumpling house- you can buy a plate of dumplings for $5-$7. Don’t come in here expecting some peace and quiet as this place is easily packed and cramped

7) Meshiya- it is a really cool Japanese place and they do happy hour at 3pm-5pm weekdays. They also do really fresh dishes for a reasonable price.

8)Lentil as anything- you pay as you feel for good food and good vibes. And they do yummy, delicious vegan meals.

9) B3 Bakery in the city- Is there a reason not to like it? $3.50 Baguettes! What a bargain! And they are yummy, big and delicious.  You can choose between ham, salad, beef etc.

10) Kinfolk- this is a not for profit place where all the money goes to a charity you choose. And the food there is healthy and fresh.

11) RUSU realfoods- forgot your lunch and don’t want to go anywhere? Well here you can get your healthy fix of vegies without breaking the bank. Everything is priced under $10 and is cheap, yummy and organic. They also do gluten and dairy free meals and snacks. It is only open during the semester times.

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Eat at Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana

Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana is one place that is hidden in a laneway. This a good thing because I love dining in laneways especially at night. The atmosphere is beautiful.

I love love love the coffee that I had today which was a $2.50 espresso. And this was quite strong and fruity. They use the Italian coffee beans to make this perfect espresso. Where can you buy a $2.50 espresso that is perfect in Melbourne? Virtually nowhere but here so far. If you have any other places feel free to recommend them in the comments section.
I also bought a perfect $5.50 tiramisu, which was lovely. This by far has to be the most perfect tiramisu and at such a good price. The coffee was just right and it was just divine. Yum. Omomomom!!!!!
The service there wasn’t all that friendly but the food made up for it.
I think Eat and be merry would love to visit as this is their type of cheap eats. I’d return with Big Fil.

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Real for you- is it really

Real for you is a organic coffee shop serving Seven seeds coffee. They mainly cater for students and staff at Endevour College but anyone is welcome to visit. It wasn’t busy when I arrived this morning, but the guy said that it normally does get busy and yesterday was no exception.
My colleagues have been getting their coffee fix from there and they said that it was good, so I was motivated to try the place.
It’s just a simple organic coffee shop with friendly staff willing to serve you. But there is not much pram room or seats, so most people buy takeaway coffees or lunch.

They sell heaps of organic goodies such as chocolate here, but I wasn’t keen on buying the chocolate. Rather I wanted to try their $2.50 coffees and boy I was satisfied with their coffees! It was strong and very winey. It also a little bitter, but I did not mind in the least.
Their cookie ($2.40) was really good, but it was a bit small for the price. But still, organic goodness comes at an expensive price. I love organic food.

Eat at Sushi Kissaten

I was at the market doing the shopping. My fridge was empty and I needed some food. I was hungry afterwards so I headed to Queen Victoria market’s newest enterprise “Sushi Kissten”. This place was open for a few months but I haven’t discovered it until today.
This place was mainly full with Caucasians and tourists and there’s a reason why. Although run by Japanese service was minimalist and lunch was served in a jiffy.

My ramen which I was so disappointed that I did not finish the soup.

Look how soggy the gyoza are

Oh there’s always a reason why there are not many Asians today and it’s because most of your meals are lacklustre, except for the sushi. The sushi is always fresh and at $2.50 a pop its not bad. They used the right rice for this and the egg was done nicely. I had the egg one of course.
Taking a look at some of the bentos around the restaurant I noticed that most of the hot things were overcooked and they looked unappetizing. So instead what did I order? A gyoza ramen, which is soup noodles with gyoza. Because the gyoza was in the soup they tended to be soggy. They also did not have much filling to it, which I hated. But that’s not all. The noodles were instant noodles, ones that I can find in Chinese shops. And there wasn’t a lot of stuff besides the gyoza and the noodles. What there was, was a whole lot of instant soup.
Would I pay $9.50 for this? No, when I paid the $9.50 I expected more and for the gyoza to be on a plate rather than dumped into the bowl with the soup.
I would like to see what other bloggers such as Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet, 730 of my life etc think of this place. I now know why didn’t like the place. Note this place is only opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays-Sundays and only for lunch.

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John West tuna and beans

Its huge for what I paid for which is $3.35. It’s got lots of tuna and beans and corn in it. It doesn’t have a lot of water and juices in it.

It’s really meaty.

There’s not much chilli flavour to this

Rating: 3/5

Katherine’s coffee trail part one

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My friend Katherine went on this coffee trail. She tried: This is from Katherine.
1) Reverence coffee roasters
Reverence coffee house is a new place just opened a week ago. It is in Ascot Vale and is what just what Ascot vale needs.
It doesn’t have a lot of food but they sure do have a lot of varieties of good coffee. Their coffee is just like the St Ali brand.
I had a short black and a cheesecake ($8.80 altogether). The short black was a bit bitter, but the cake was good.

It was full of kids by the time I got there which was at 9am.

They also have cold drip coffee but I wasn’t in the mood for trying any.

The lady that served wasn’t too friendly. In fact she looked tired.

Fatboo will really like this place as coffee is their favourite beverage.
2) Under the rock cafe

They are just a new cafe also in Ascot vale.  It is in the space that used to be Cafe Lomah. And they also roast their own beans. Their coffee was a bit better than the one at Reverence. It tasted flowery which was good.

The space was pretty homely.

And when you buy a coffee you get some free mini muffins. They had the chocolate one and the raspberry one and they were really good.
3) Pearsons and Murphys

This place is in RMIT city campus. You can read about my other visit here. But today I ordered a piccolo and loved the artwork. Their coffee is way better than the ones in the caf, so if I were you and studying at the city campus, I’d get my coffee here.

Stay tuned for part two.
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