Gloria jeans at Melbourne Central

by newintstudents

This is another coffee place in Melbourne Central right near the train station. Here it is in the food court hence there is not much seating. There is an eat in option, but you would need to find seating within the food court.
I have been to Gloria Jeans several times and have found that their cold drinks are much better than their hot ones.
The guy working there was friendly. They have just introduced a new range of summer drinks and I was keen to try their cold coffees. The other day they were handing out free samples on their stuff and I was keen to get in on all the action.
My cold drink was really nice today. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. They come in three different sizes: small ($4.95), medium ($5.50) and large (can’t remember the price of this). When they take your order you give your name and then you wait at the other end to be called when your drink is ready. There are condiments, spoons and lids that you help yourself to.

I also got a coffee macaroon ($2.50) and a coffee topper waffle ($1 each). With every purchase over $5 there is a free Age newspaper.
The coffee macaroon was a bit moist and squishy and the coffee topper a little bit hard. But the coffee was nice though. It had a nice shot of coffee mixed in with the milk.
I think I’d come back to try their other cold drinks and not so much the food.