Lucky Cup teas

by newintstudents

This is only a take away place in Melbourne Central where service is really bad, but the drinks are inexpensive. The reasons why are it takes a while to be served and they laughed at me. There isn’t much vibe here. I visited on a hot day and had expected to see heaps of people, but there wasn’t a single queue. They have a huge variety of tea and iced drinks on offer. They also have milk teas on offer.
I had a small iced mango drink with pearls ($3 for the drink and $0.50 extra for the pearls).  The size is huge compared to Boost where they charge $4.95 for a size smaller than this.
It was really sweet, but refreshing. I think that they used canned mango juice just to save costs.
If you don’t care about service and just want the drink then come here. If you do like service then don’t come here looking for it.