Coffee from a coffee vending machine vs cafe

by newintstudents

Which do you like better? We put vending machine vs cafe to the test and here are the results:

Coffee from a vending machine is cheap- around $2 per cup. But is it really all that worth it? Here are some of the pros and cons
Cons- it can taste pretty watery
It can taste bland

The machine sometimes doesn’t get cleaned for days hence it is unhygenic. You could run the risk of getting poisoning from bad coffee and an unclean machine
pros- it is cheap

Cafe coffee.

Pros: it tastes much better than the vending machine version

You can enjoy it inside the cafe

It is much cleaner as everything is cleaned before the barista makes the coffee.

Cons: It can be fairly expensive depending on what you buy
For me: I’d stick to the cafe version any day
It does not take long to make