Coffee at the new Starbucks on Bourke st

by newintstudents

A few weeks ago I just discovered a new Starbucks on Bourke st. This one is just outside the Tivoli Arcade and it replaced the “Delifrance” an old cafe that was around for five to six years.
The store was just like any other Starbucks store. Here they sold merchandise and bags of coffee as well as real coffee.

There are new staff and one of the older girls was showing her around. I think she was a Kiwi. When I got there at 9:30am there were a few people waiting to be served and I had a difficult time deciding what to get. So in the end I decided to try one of their signature drinks; the iced Americano ($3.20) with an extra shot of coffee for $0.60. I also threw in a strawberry macaroon ($2.95) in the order. Which by the way tasted like it was store bought and not baked on site. It was really crumbly.
I really loved and needed the shot in the Americano. The Americano wasn’t overly sweet which was good and it wasn’t too bitter.
I think I might pop around again maybe with a few new international students when I need my caffeine hit!