types of eggs you will find in a cafe

by newintstudents

In Melbourne there are many cafes, all serving the same sort of breakfast foods until about 2pmish or 3pmish sometimes later than 4pm. This is not uncommon for cafes to serve breakfast until this late. So you need to know what each is in order to know what to order. There are four kinds of eggs that you can order.

1. Scrambled- they use milk and it is usually mixed in with the egg. Not good for those that can’t have dairy as it contains milk. It is easy to make at home in the microwave.
2. Poached- they just boil it. It is a just a normal hard boiled egg. You usually have this with hollandaise sauce which tastes buttery. This is popular in cafes and some restaurants.
3. Omelette- it is like scrambled eggs except they put things in there and its skinnier. You can have it with ham, onions, vegetarian etc.
4. Fried- you usually have it sunny side up. And it is fried in lots of oil. It usually comes with bacon and toast.