Eat at Sushi Kissaten

by newintstudents

I was at the market doing the shopping. My fridge was empty and I needed some food. I was hungry afterwards so I headed to Queen Victoria market’s newest enterprise “Sushi Kissten”. This place was open for a few months but I haven’t discovered it until today.
This place was mainly full with Caucasians and tourists and there’s a reason why. Although run by Japanese service was minimalist and lunch was served in a jiffy.

My ramen which I was so disappointed that I did not finish the soup.

Look how soggy the gyoza are

Oh there’s always a reason why there are not many Asians today and it’s because most of your meals are lacklustre, except for the sushi. The sushi is always fresh and at $2.50 a pop its not bad. They used the right rice for this and the egg was done nicely. I had the egg one of course.
Taking a look at some of the bentos around the restaurant I noticed that most of the hot things were overcooked and they looked unappetizing. So instead what did I order? A gyoza ramen, which is soup noodles with gyoza. Because the gyoza was in the soup they tended to be soggy. They also did not have much filling to it, which I hated. But that’s not all. The noodles were instant noodles, ones that I can find in Chinese shops. And there wasn’t a lot of stuff besides the gyoza and the noodles. What there was, was a whole lot of instant soup.
Would I pay $9.50 for this? No, when I paid the $9.50 I expected more and for the gyoza to be on a plate rather than dumped into the bowl with the soup.
I would like to see what other bloggers such as Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet, 730 of my life etc think of this place. I now know why didn’t like the place. Note this place is only opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays-Sundays and only for lunch.

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