by newintstudents

Meshiya is a nice little Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese food and drinks.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, why have you become so expensive but have not increased your portion sizes? You used to be really cheap, but now you are really expensive.
When I brought people over they were really happy about the price. Even though we loved the quality of the food, I’m afraid I won’t make too many visits.

Last time I went was about a year ago and prices were reasonable.
Today I brought a couple of people over and whilst they were wowed by the food, they weren’t by the prices. I had the Chirashi don ($18 or $19 I can’t remember, last time it was $16) as usual and as usual it was really good with the fish being fresh.
We all shared a gyoza plate ($7.00). I have to admit, these weren’t the best gyoza I had. In fact these were a little too soggy and fell apart.
The others had a mini chirashi ($14 for such a small plate) and eel sushi. I didn’t get to try the eel sushi but I think they really enjoyed this.
I don’t whether it was me that caught you on a bad day or what but I might just ask Big Fil from eat and be merry to try this place out and see what he thinks of it.

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