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Month: February, 2012

Coffee at Kere Kere

Kere Kere is a coffee cart at Melbourne Uni. They are a not for profit cart, meaning that you donate money to charity. You are given a card when you order and you place the card in the box. It is just like Kinfolk. They don’t do a whole lot of food, just coffees. But they do have

It was busy on this rainy day when I was there ordering takeaway coffee.

I had the picoolo latte. It was $3. They use Espresso Syndicate beans. Here their coffee was nice, but no artwork.


Grilld @Degraves st

You have to either like it or hate it. And for me I didn’t like it at all.
Here this place is hidden in a laneway.
It has a lovely courtyard but that is the only thing about it. Oh and the giving the beer bottle tops to charity.
Other than that no.

I went in here with Noobie. It was a really hot day and I had the buy one get one free offer for the burgers. Whilst it was used the guy that worked there, didn’t seem all too friendly. He was a uni student.

It was a bit on the quiet side, which suggests that something is wrong. It is really more of a fast food place with uni students working there.

Here’s what we ordered:
1 Sweet Chilli chicken burger ($9.90). noobie didn’t seem all that happy with it and I agree with her. Although I didn’t try this, it did look a bit dry and overcooked.
1 Veggie Delight burger ($10.50). Again this was dry and really bland. More sauce could have been used.
But what saved the day was the chips ($3.30) and the mayonaise ($0.70). They were nicely done and flavoursome. Yum yum.
We also had our own drinks which were allowed.

I probably don’t mind trying the Grilld in Melbourne Central, but I probably won’t come here again. Not if someone paid me to.

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The Premises

The Premises is one of Melbourne’s best kept coffee secrets, right on one of Kensington’s busy streets, across the road from the railway station.
I visited on a hot Saturday morning when my local cold drip coffee shop was not opened. Lately I love cold drip coffee.
It was really packed full of people, which is great. It was a great vibe. It was really hard to get a table.
Staff were really friendly. The lady always remembered to ask how everything went.
I had a pour over ($5) and a plate of toast ($5.50). Here I was inspired by their homemade jam and they did not disappoint.
The coffee (Kinyovu blend) was really nice. It had that fruity, sharp, acidic taste to it.
I think I might just come back with Noobie and I recommend that all visitors try out this place.

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Chef Lagenda

This is a Malaysian/Chinese restaurant in Newmarket, next door to Laksa King. Here they do equally as cheap food as Laksa King, but not as good.
This place wasn’t packed as Laksa King when A and I visited. We visited at 12pm on a Sunday.
The place smelt like roast duck. Yum. But I didn’t feel like it.
Instead I had the mee goreng ($8.80) and Green tea with Mango ($3.80). A had Prawn dumpling in soup with noodles and a Sprite. A seemed to like the Prawn dumpling in soup and it looked really nice.
I liked the mee goreng for its wok hei. But I would have liked a lot more chilli in this.
The green tea drink was a little bit powdered but it was nice and refreshing.

 Next time when I return I’ll have to try out their roast duck and chicken as someone told me that this is the best in the area
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$1.95 Taco tuesdays

There is $1.95 TACO Tuesdays on every Tuesday at Salsa’s in Melbourne central. This is not bad for a small taco, although I probably wouldn’t eat them everyday. They normally are $3.60 per taco. But this is a promotion.
Their taco was a bit cold, but nice.
I would love to try out their other food though.

Fatto A Mano

I went to this place to have breakfast having been inspired by the review in the Age Cheap eats guide. A few bloggers such as Here’s the veg wrote about it and they really enjoyed the place. It is like RUSU realfoods in that they are vegan, gluten free and accept cash only.
It was small to begin with, but it was busy, which was a good sign. It is a clean little bakery doing coffees, breads, pizzas and pies. They do organic fairtrade coffees and food.
There isn’t much seating so most people got takeaway.
But this place is as cheap as. $4 for a big pizza slice which was vegan and yummy. Heavenly.
The mocha ($3.50) was big and delish. Not too much coffee in there which I like. I also ordered another one of their goodies and that is a little energy ball. Yum.

I do have to agree with some of the other bloggers and reviewers about this place. Can’t wait to come back here and try it with Big Fil.

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Eat @ Phillippa’s

Phillippa’s is a bakery selling bread and other homemade goodies.
Here they are very cozy and heavenly! I could sit in here for hours! They are very reminiscent of Realfoods.
Here I went here with a few of my Indian friends to find that they don’t have much vegan food on the menu.
But they did have a great little friand and cookie on the menu. And they also had some great little cheese sticks and olive foccacia. Boy these do melt in your mouth.
Love them and keep up the good work.

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Yen Sushi and Noodle.

Yen Sushi and Noodles is a little place located in a laneway in the city. Here they are only a small shop therefore there isn’t a whole lot of seating. Most people just do takeaway. But I came just before 12pm and found a seat.
There is some service, but it is pretty fast and not friendly at all. Pretty much the whole time I was there there was only one other couple and the waitress left all the mess on the table.
I had the brown rice sushi ($2.40). Here you can choose from egg, salmon, vegetarian and the list goes on. It fell apart a bit. I don’t think I’ll order this again.
The $5 pack of rice paper rolls was really nice, just the way that I like it; thin, very freshly made with lots of vegetables and not much noodles.But I didn’t mind that they didn’t have the peanut sauce. I didn’t want sauce anyway.

The mi goreng noodles ($8.50) on the other hand had way too much sweet chilli sauce and not enough soy sauce and wok hei to it. It also had too much noodles to it and not enough vegetables. But the hokkein noodles were cooked to perfection.
I wouldn’t recommend the noodles to anyone who can’t stand the thought of msg. But would love to recommend the place to anyone who loves rice paper rolls and sushi and suggest that they keep doing that and not the noodles.

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Eat @Kenzan

Kenzan is a Japanese cafe that is highly raved and reviewed by bloggers and people on Although a little bit on the steep side in terms of costs, it is a true Japanese place. It is run by Japanese and not by Chinese.
They have a few restaurants but the one I went to is at GPO. Its a bit further from my workplace.
This place seems to attract a lot of the corporates, but some of the students also visit for lunch. I went there at around 12:45pm and the place was packed.
It was dim, but I love the decor. It was truly Japanese.

I had a vegetarian roll and tempura zaru soba. And I also had a Japanese cold green tea. Altogether it was $23-$24.
The zaru soba was heavenly. But the serving could have been bigger for the hefty price tag of $16. Loved the tempura. It was heavenly, but again small serving.
The sushi roll was lovely too. The rice was the right one. Again a bit hefty though at $4 for eat and $3.80 for take away.
 I’d probably only just come here for the experience not so much the money.
This is like being in an Izakaya den. All the servings are rather small for the price paid.

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movies and cinemas


You’re probably wondering which cinemas is the cheapest and when is a good time to go. Tuesday is the cheapest day in the week as all the movie tickets are half price.

But you might be able to buy your tickets at the student union in Brunswick campus for $10.50. I’m not which day they have them

Or you can use your ISIC card (available when you sign up for student union membership which is now $30 a year as part of O-week specials) and buy tickets for Hoyts for $10.50

Also the entertainment book ($65 a year, but not available until mid year) has some buy one get one free movie vouchers that you can use.

And if you sign up for the Entertainment book they also have $11 movie tickets for Village.

Some of the more independent cinemas might be a bit cheaper on Mondays, but check with the cinema.

Sometimes the Student Union might have competitions for its members and you might win free movie tickets or double passes to a movie, so it is worth signing up for the union. And also if you volunteer for the union there might be movie tickets as a thank you.

Some movie reviews will be posted here from time to time.

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