Eat at Orient Express

by newintstudents

I know that I said that I’ll never go there again.
But you know what! A new one has just opened in Docklands and I heard that this one is much better than the one at Crown.

Just a cute jar- with this you take it to the waitstaff and you ask them for the ice cream

My salad which was fresh

But not many people raved about it or found it. I think they think that seeing as the old one was really bad, this one will be just as bad.
It is a yum cha, hot and cold as well as a sushi train. You just pick what you want and you can also order as well. 
The lighting and decor is much better than the one at crown.

But to prove you wrong, this was much better than the one at Crown. The service was much more attentative, where as the one at Crown the wait staff left you alone to decide and you couldn’t order anything off the train.

The prices are still the same as Crown; from $2.80 for white plates to $7 for the black plates. Its $4 per steamer basket.
Unlike the one at Crown they have more desserts and dishes on offer. I had the chance to try the Green tea ice cream and it was heavenly.
Some of the other food bloggers should give this a go even if this is hidden away in Harbour town. Seriously! And guess what they have a 25% discount voucher in the Entertainment book, but I went alone so couldn’t use it.

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