Gloria Jeans at Melbourne CBD

by newintstudents

Today I was feeling a little tired and in need of some coffee. So what did I see on my way to work? A Gloria Jeans actual coffee house.
In there is huge, warm and cozy and they have a few posters and feedback about their coffee. Loved the little cute poster about their coffee

I ordered a Piccolo and a mixed berry cheesecake for the price of $6. They did have a $6 combo with cake and coffee. With every purchase of $5 and over you can get a copy of “The Age” for free. The cheesecake tasted like it was store bought. The base was a bit too soft and it was cookie crumbly like it should be. I loved the jelly on top, but not too sure about the fruits inside. They look great, but that is where it ends.
Except for the messy artwork up the top, the piccolo was just alright. It came in a small cute cup.
The service was pretty much non existent. It was like that of a fast food court. It was run by Asians. There was only one toilet and it was a disabled one. CRAP!!! There should be more.