China Red

by newintstudents

China red is a new restaurant in the Chinatown district. Here it was raved about by many of the food bloggers on Urbanspoon.
Here service is non existent, you order by the touch screen, but they do have an option of calling for help when needed. All the images of the food is up on the screen. But they are not much help for someone that is gluten free. Luckily I’m not. I can eat anything and everything.
I went in when they have the happy special of $8.80 for a meal and drink. It runs from 2pm-5pm weekdays.
My meal was huge! Better to share between two people. I had the char kuey teow and a soya bean drink. The Soya bean drink was just ok, but the Char Kuey teow was great. There was heaps of wok hei to it! And I loved the rice noodles.
The next time I went back just to try their dumplings and the pulled pork bread. I didn’t really like the pulled pork thing- it had way too much pulled pork, but loved all the other dumplings.
It seems that Eat and Be Merry also enjoyed the food there and the open kitchen! I have to admit I enjoyed the kitchen as well, but did not enjoy the stairs the second time round. They should have a lift for those that can’t walk the huge flight of stairs!

China Red on Urbanspoon