The Academic Environment

by newintstudents

In RMIT the academic environment is different from High School and other countries universities. Here are some of the things that you need to know in order to succeed.

In Australia we call our lecturers by their first name.

We love to hand in all our assignments on time

You will share a lecture with about 200-500 other students and a tutorial will be a lot smaller (20-30 students). The lectures go for about 1-2 hours per subject per week and tutes go for 2 hours.

For the tutorial the tutor will have expected you to have read everything on that subject for the week and will want you to participate in the discussions. There might be some set activities for you to do in class or at home. Don’t be shy if English is not your first language; many others are in the same boat.

The lecturers don’t mind giving students a hand if they ask for it. Most lecturers will have consultation times each week which is advised in the first lecture. Most people are happy for to phone them, email them or to visit their office when you have an appointment. It is not appropriate to visit their home or phone them at home. If you do RMIT might punish you. You might have a disciplinary hearing or be excluded.

As for textbooks, most students ask :” Which books do we need? ” in the weeks before semester. My answer is ” Go to your first classes for each of your subjects and your lecturers will tell you which books you need to buy”.


The lectures really only just summarise all the information that you have read as well as give some tips on what is in your exam if you have. The lecturer expects you to take your own notes, not give them to you. They only give you the powerpoint slides on the RMIT Learning Hub.

On that note, you’re expected to attend all of your lectures.  Some lectures might be recorded for you to listen to later, others might not be depending on the subject.

Not many students ask a lot of questions as it might make them feel uncomfortable and shy asking when there is a big group of students. So many students ask online or in their tutorials.

You can eat in most lecture theaters but it depends on where you are. But don’t eat smelly foods.


These are small and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Usually you can’t eat in the tutorial, but many students love to bring coffees for their early morning tutes.

In the tutorial students might be asked questions by the tutor as to start a discussion.  Or students might do some sort of hands on learning to enrich their knowledge. Academic don’t just want you memorise everything, but they want you to understand the concepts taught.

Own study:

For each subject, lecturers are expecting that you’d have at least 100 hours of own study for each subject per semester. A semester is about 12 weeks long, but there is a week for study before your exams. The exam period is for three weeks, but you might finish early depending on when your exams are. Most students have exams at some point or another.

You’re expected to use the RMIT library and labs to complete your assignments. Most of your assignments will be due around weeks 5-7 and weeks 10-12 and some of them might be due around the exam period. The computer labs will be busy by then so it is best to book ahead.

You should attend the library’s classes in Orientation week. The study and learning centre have their own study preparation classes which is essential for new students to attend as these give some sort of idea as to what to expect from Uni.

If you have any questions you can email your lecturer or post them on the discussion board (if there is one for your subject)

The RMIT Learning hub via MYRMIT

MYRMIT has a learning hub which all students are expected to use. In the learning hub all the subjects that you are doing is up there and the lecturers will post material and slides regularly that you are expected to read. Sometimes there is online learning activities that will help you in the subject.

The ITS will be able to help you should you have any problems with this.

Plagiarism @ Uni

This is unacceptable in any circumstance. DO NOT DO IT!!!! You will be fined for this.

This is where you copy someone else’s work or you get someone else to do the work for you. The lecturers and assessors all access Turnitin ( a software program) and they scan your work via Turnitin to see whether you copied anything without acknowledgement. If you did you will be emailed by your lecturer to go to a hearing. You should be notified of hearings five working days before the hearing occurs.

During the first few weeks of classes in the semester there are sessions on Plagiarism run by the Study and Learning centre. Also your lecturers will tell you about it too.