RMIT Village- the place to be for all new international students

by newintstudents

Well that’s if you can get a place there! For a start, it is always full three weeks before semester starts.

At about $300-$500 per week all bills included and it being so close to Melbourne and RMIT uni, you might want a room. It is about a fifteen minute walk from RMIT Uni in the city and about a ten minute walk to the Queen Victoria Markets. No need to pay for transport. And if you want a kitchen/bathroom kit from them it is about $250 extra. It includes all the necessarily blankets, pillows, sheets, doonas, mats and kitchen utensils and stuff.

There is wireless around the campus.

They have a coffee shop, bar, pool, games and a common area for all students to hang in. At the start of semester there are heaps of parties going on.

I tried the coffee at the coffee shop and found it to be a little bit burnt. For this and the yoyo it was $5.80. Not bad though, but not great either. I could have got one from Seven seeds across the road. You can also buy recharge cards, cigarettes, V-drinks from the cafe