Uni life

by newintstudents

So you just started Uni? Getting used to things in Melbourne. Well you might find that whilst things are cozy in Melbourne you might have a few problems. So here’s a few pros and cons about studying at Uni.


  • * You get to choose your own classes and subjects
  • * You get to sleep in sometimes
  • You can socialise as much as you want.
  • You can dress the way you want and no one will notice you as there are thousands of students. It is not like high school where you have to wear a uniform.
  • You have many good coffee places around
  • Unlike High School you don’t have a lot of hours at Uni and you actually have a few days off. Yay!!! Long weekends rule!


  • There is that panic mode at the end of the semester when your exams are looming
  • You cannot party as much as you want during the exams, and if you do you fail your exam
  • If you skip class you miss a lot of information that might be important
  • You need to decide on your own notes and be responsible for your own learning
  • You need to ask questions when you don’t understand something. If you don’t the lecturer will think that you do.
  • Education is very expensive for International students
  • After the three-five month long summer holidays you have to get used to the whole uni thing such as assignments etc. For some students it is hard for them to get into the swing of things straightaway.
  • There is the sense of isolation as you will not be in the same classes as your friends. But you’ll make heaps of new friends and that sense of isolation will disappear.