by newintstudents

Have you been recommended for exclusion by your School? Have you failed more than one subject or the same subject twice for another semester? If so the School will recommend you for Exclusion and will ask you to write a “Show Cause letter”. In this letter you need to explain what went wrong and what you will do to fix these problems. It might be asking for extra support from RMIT or asking for a grade to be mended. You have ten working days from the time the email was sent to your student email.

You might want to consider getting some help from RMIT student union for this.

Exclusion is a serious matter and if you are an International student you will be kicked out of the country for failing to meet VISA requirements.

If you lodge the letter within the 10 working days and the School approves you will be let back into your course and be given some help.

If your letter to the Student Progress committee fails you will be sent an email from the school saying that they will email the Academic Registrar. The Academic Registrar makes sure that the Exclusion policy is followed and then they will email you. They will usually do it sometime during the semester when you are studying. They will then give you a chance to appeal to the University Appeals committee and that has very strict policies. You will have to appeal within 20 working days so as not be excluded from the course. If not they will assume that you want to be excluded.

If the appeal is upheld the UAC will call a meeting which will consist of a student representative (someone trained by the Student Union), a few academics, a chairperson, yourself and any support people you bring to the meeting.

Then the UAC will decide on the appeal.

If it is not upheld you will be excluded for twelve months. Within that twelve months you can apply for programs in RMIT or elsewhere. You must also make an appointment to see your program coordinator to discuss readmission. He or she gets the final say but a Student Rights officer can help you convince them.

If you are excluded you will have to leave the country. You will need to speak to a migration agent if things become this bad. But things don’t have to be that bad if you sort out your problems from early on. Speak to a student rights officer when you first receive the notice as they can help you with the letter.

Good luck with all of this