How not to blow your budget when groccery shopping.

by newintstudents

Students do you find that by the end of the month you have no money for anything except for a $2 coin and a voucher? Well here’s a few ideas grocery shopping wisely.

1. Check the online catalogue just to know what the prices are.

2) Shop alone

3) Make a list. Make sure that you look around the house and see what you need.

4) Don’t shop when you are hungry/emotional as you’ll always buy more than you need and overspend

5) Avoid all the little extras unless you really need them. They are expensive to buy.

6) Avoid last minute temptations.

7) Plan your meals using the Stephanie Alexander book you bought/rented.

8) Grow your own vegetables if you have a garden and are allowed to grow them. You can buy all the plants and the tools from your local nursery and plants will keep for years. You will have a steady steam of free produce.

9) Buy all of your Asian goods from an Asian grocery shop rather than the supermarket. It is cheaper there than the supermarket by miles. Melbourne has no shortage of them.

10) Buy things in bulk and try and buy them wholesale.