How to not live with the flatmate from hell.

by newintstudents

Sometimes it can be very trying living with the flatmate from hell. You’re in a share house with them and they won’t give anything/communicate/do their chores etc. In fact some of the tenants expect you to pay their bills/rent for them.
Here’s how not to live with them.
1) Communication is the key- tell all your flatmates how you live and what you expect from them in the interview. Ask lots of questions about the house you will be staying at such as curfews, bills, house kitty etc. And always share some of your thoughts on the important household matters with them such as the roster. Ask them about the way that they live and tell them about the way that you live. When you go out, try and tell your mates if you can.
2) If you are the head tennant- kick them out if they won’t budge. Now is not the time to be nice to them as they will find somewhere else that will accept them.
3)Try to see their point of view. ie chores: If they forget to put the rubbish out, maybe they brought in your washing with theirs or they cooked a few meals for you.

4) Do your fair share of the chores and tell them if you can’t for some reason. Or otherwise they will see that you are just being lazy.

5) Pay all the bills on time and make sure that everyone pays their fair share. If someone isn’t paying their fair share communicate. Tell them to and tell them that it is not fair on you. And if they won’t budge (especially with rent) let the landlord know.

6) Have house meetings once in a while. These give everyone a chance to voice their opinions.

Good luck in finding your flatmate. Remember that the first one that you come across might not be the one that you want to live with. You’ll eventually get there within time. Honesty is the best policy in finding your flatmate.