24 hours of free and cheap things to do in the city and around Melbourne

by newintstudents

This is on a $70 budget by the way.

6am- I travelled on the train for free, as it is free travel before 7am

7am- Got to the city, went to the victoria market and picked up some breakfast doughnuts 6 for $5 and coffee for $2.50

9:30am- Went on the city circle tram to Docklands

10am- Wandered around Docklands and Harbour town for free

11:30am- Rode around Melbourne for $2.50 on a bike, which was rented from one of the many Melbourne Bike share pods. And boy I did enjoy myself.

1pm- I was starving so I picked up some lunch from Don’s Don’s for $6. They do gigantic serves.

2pm- Sat on the State Library lawns and did a bit of free MX reading

3pm- Went to the state library and did some more reading and exploring

4:30pm- Picked up some $1.50 sushi from Dianes Sushi in Latrobe st

5pm- Headed to Fed square and went to the Living and Sustainability festival. Tried lots of food samples and picked up a bag of free seeds.

6pm- Headed to the Drunken Poet by the number 57 tram. I only had to get a 2 hour $4 ticket as they last until 3am the next day

8pm- Headed back into town to go the Camy’s Shanghai dumpling restaurant. I had two big plates of dumplings for $12 altogether.

9pm- Headed to The Butterfly club on the tram to see my friend, Tom perform.

10pm- Headed to Madame Brussels caberet show. Normally its around $25. It was free because I had won tickets to it from one of the O’week competitions. Went there for about three hours. Drank tea whilst I was there. Its $15 a head and I went with my friend. They had these cute teapots.

1am- Went to The Tote in Collingwood

2am- Drank some water for free at the Tote

3am- Went to The Lounge and had their Friday night specials, but I also collected a $20 voucher off them for one of the o week prizes so I didn’t have to pay.

4am- Took the nightrider bus for no extra cost out to Racecourse rd and got some kebabs.

5am- Went back home on the first tram and fare evaded because the machine broke down.

6am- Am back home safe and sound. And asleep in my lovely bed. I have just passed out. Luckily it’s Saturday.

So there you have it. All together I spent around $37.20. Not bad hey. I would love to do that again. It pays to go to Orientation day and collect free goods.