Yen Sushi and Noodle.

by newintstudents

Yen Sushi and Noodles is a little place located in a laneway in the city. Here they are only a small shop therefore there isn’t a whole lot of seating. Most people just do takeaway. But I came just before 12pm and found a seat.
There is some service, but it is pretty fast and not friendly at all. Pretty much the whole time I was there there was only one other couple and the waitress left all the mess on the table.
I had the brown rice sushi ($2.40). Here you can choose from egg, salmon, vegetarian and the list goes on. It fell apart a bit. I don’t think I’ll order this again.
The $5 pack of rice paper rolls was really nice, just the way that I like it; thin, very freshly made with lots of vegetables and not much noodles.But I didn’t mind that they didn’t have the peanut sauce. I didn’t want sauce anyway.

The mi goreng noodles ($8.50) on the other hand had way too much sweet chilli sauce and not enough soy sauce and wok hei to it. It also had too much noodles to it and not enough vegetables. But the hokkein noodles were cooked to perfection.
I wouldn’t recommend the noodles to anyone who can’t stand the thought of msg. But would love to recommend the place to anyone who loves rice paper rolls and sushi and suggest that they keep doing that and not the noodles.

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