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Month: April, 2012

Dinner at Cho Gao

Doesn’t like it.
I went to a volunteer dinner at Cho Gao the other night. This volunteer dinner was organised by RUSU. RUSU used my 25% off offer from my Entertainment card and hence saved about $30. I wonder why this place had 48% of people liking it.

Here it felt like a bit of a Chinese prison with security guards checking bags and id and confiscating water. WTF??? And what’s even worse is that I checked out the bathrooms and felt like being in an Asian prison (it was designed poorly). The water station was hard to find.

Service was really bad. It took a while for us to get our drinks. It was busy at the bar, but still. But the pizzas came out really quickly, which led me to believe that everything was microwaved.

 I took one of these so that you know what this looks and feels like.

 This enhances the feeling of a Korean prison

They have a wide range of bar snacks and main meals and desserts. After all they are an Asian bar. They have $4 pizzas after 7pm. But because me and 16 other people all got in about 6pm, RUSU had to pay $16 per plate of pizza. And we got 16 plates for all of us to share plus 6 bowls of chilli fries for $5 each.

The lemonade was too sickly sweet and the pizzas were hardly worth the $16 we had to pay, except for the Thai one which was really spicy.

The others were really soggy and everything fell off. I had to ask for a plate. The base was too thin. I hate thin bases!

The fries were not salty which I loved, but I didn’t get the weird cheese sauce. I would have loved more spices or even a spicy sauce (think Nandos).

Altogether we spent $158 on the pizzas and the chips (without the 25% off discount). It was not worth it. Never again will we be back. I’d like to see what Eat and be merry think of it.

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Roller door

Roller door is a little place just around the corner from North Melbourne station. I had heard good things about it from my friend and decided to check it out myself. I also read some good reviews of the place in the Age cheap eats 2012.
This place was a wee bit small.
Here their meals are mainly organic and vegan. They don’t have much food but they do seriously good coffee at $3 a cup and there is magic in their coffees.
I had one of these and also picked up a crossaint at $7. It was small for size, but great in taste. At $7 it was not bad. It was organic. It was filled with yummy ham and cheese.
I’m glad I found this place right near the train station. There finally is a great coffee place right near the station where people can buy their coffees. But the only thing is that it closes at 3/4pm.
Heres the veg should give it a try.

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my week with food

17/4/2012- Cooking class at Realfoods from 5:30-8pm
It was a fun night with about 180+ people turning up. There were many cooking demonstrations with heaps of food on offer. Everyone there got a free showbag just for turning up and there were door prizes on offer. Many thanks to Lucy and her volunteers for putting on this show.

The food hall @ GPO
This was a great chance for restauranters to showcase their specialities. Everyone who attended got to sample some of their fine foods and picked up some free recipe cards. It was free to attend.
It was held over three different days as listed below:

Ramen Ya vs Kenzan
I got to sample two different bowls of ramen. One of them was the thick udon noodles (Kenzan) with the lovely flavorsome sauce the other was thin (Ramen Ya) with a very distinctive pork flavour. Kenzans one had very soggy looking tempura. not sure if I liked that. But I loved the fresh spring onions and toppings though.

Ca Da Vin
Ca da vin is one really expensive fine dining place which uses fresh produce and makes all of their food by hand. Today I had a chance to try their oils: chilli, lemon, rosemary and basil. I even had a chance to try their fresh basil and I loved it. It was heaven. The two most favourite oils of the day are basil and rosemary. The chilli one didn’t have a big kick of chilli flavour in there. It was small and subtle. Too subtle in fact. But the fresh basil on top of one of them was a bit hit for me.

Federal Coffee Place vs cacao
Today is the final day for the Food Hall and today is no exception. The coffees at Federal coffee palace was exceptional. The hot chocolate from Cacao was simply too cold from having been out for a while. I got there at 1pm because I had other commitments before then.

Crepes @La Petite Creperie
This place is a little pop up place which just opened just last week. I didn’t discover it until yesterday.  It is just around the corner from Building 108 and at the temporary tram stop. Its about time a crepe place is open near the old RMIT business building
This is a traditional cute little French crepe place right in the heart of the CBD
For now they only do sweet crepes. Their crepes are priced between $4-$8 and they are heavenly. I had the lemon with sugar one for $4 and it is heaven!!!
These are affordable!!! Yay! Finally something that’s affordable and meets the student budget!!! And something that is open until late at night so that we students can have a healthy snack!!!! OM OM OM OM!
The lady there was friendly and she said that it was really busy at times.

Victoria st, Richmond
This is a foodie haunt here in Melbourne. This is where some of the Vietnamese and Chinese live. This area is a little bit of a slum, but I do love the cheap and fresh Vietnamese food sold here.
Here I had the sticky coloured rice ($2.80 @ Nhu lan) and the rice paper rolls ($3 at Saigon Bakery). Geez $5.80 for a filling meal. Its not good; IT’S GREAT!!! And both the rice and the rolls were made freshly and were not stale. I like these ones better than the ones I get in the city. I would love to come here any day, just for good, clean and cheap food.
Lots and lots of trams go past this Vietnamese and student haven.
Vietnamese students you can feel right at home here!

David Jones Food world.
Here this is like the US version of food halls that pop up in the big business buildings. Think “The devil wears prada” where Andrea is in the dining room and you’ll see what I mean.
Here they have different sections where you can choose your lunches and today I went to the salad stand as per usual and I chose two different noodle salads at $9.53 altogether. Expensive, but good for special occasions when you feel like gourmet food.

The world of Nespresso
This world is a lovely place to be in. It is heavenly!!!! Nespresso is an expensive brand of coffee (see earlier post) and today is no exception.
Today I tried three strong, intense brand of coffees.

USA today
I forgot to take pictures of this but this was a free lunch where I sampled a small cup of coke and hot chips. I was too full from lunch, but I wanted to share this free lunch with you all. I would love for you guys to come as it is every Friday during the semester and it is organised by the Student Union and its free for all students.

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Egg Sake Bistro

Egg Sake Bistro is a little underground Japanese place that does beers and Japanese food. Its in Melbourne Uni. They also sell grocceries. They have pickled ginger for $1 and big boxes of curry for $10.
They have a wide selection of beers, wines and other japanese drinks. They have happy hour where all the drinks are priced from $4-$6 from 3pm-5pm each day that they are open. Here I had a green tea for a $1. It was nice.
All their meals are under $10. Most of them are priced between $6 and $7. They have a wide range of vegetarian and meat meals. You can make your bento. They do have a special of 2 sushi rolls for $4.50. I had these and they were very filling. I had the tofu one and I think the other one was chicken. The rice was nice and moist, not like some of the other sushi I’ve had. I loved the tofu one the best as this was fresh.
There’s virtually not much service but the prices and the food here is good. There is a drinks counter and a food counter. Good for those days when you only have loose change.
It would be good to have drinks with friends here. It is trendy to uni students both from Melbourne Uni and RMIT.

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Breizoz French creperie

Loved the ambience,
Loved the decor and most importantly loved the food.
The staff were very witty and charming which is not what I usually say for most people.
It was not busy and very quiet having just opened.
I can see why people love this place and crave for good, but very expensive crepes and ice creams.
Now I’m going to let the pictures of the lovely, lucious place do the talking

The coffee comes with a little coconut kiss which you can buy in packets to take home. And these are homemade. Yummy!

The specials board

My crepe which came with yummy homemade ice cream ($3 extra) on top.

Cool I say! Free coffee any day!
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dinner at Kam Fook in Chatswood

On Saturday the 28/4/12 I went to a friend’s wedding in Sydney and it was here I had dinner at Kam Fook seafood restaurant. It had 32 tables of 12 to it.
It was here that service was a bit slow. There was no champagne, which I would have liked. Instead there was wine provided, coke, juice and tea provided. There wasn’t a lot of tea. Even so there weren’t many refills. There were heaps of juice and coke refills which is not normal for a banquet.
There was a lot of seafood here as this was a seafood banquet. Here we had sucking pig with jellyfish, lobster, fried seafood rolls, shark fin soup, prawn sticky rice, chicken, some sort of vegetables, fish (not sure what sort, but it was steamed), e fu noodles, red bean soup, almond cookies and fruits. There wasn’t a lot of things there as the server served up everything. I’m not sure how much the banquet was as I did not pay for this, but it looked expensive.

The sucking pig with jellyfish was the worst ever. The jelly fish was limp and dry. But I loved the shark fin soup and fried seafood rolls. I didn’t have the lobster, but what I heard from other tables was that it was really good. The prawn sticky rice didn’t have any prawns in it and the e fu noodles was really overcooked. They were so overcooked that they broke apart and they are not meant to

I didn’t have the chicken as I was nearly full, so can’t comment on this.
The fish was just ok…. not great though and they could have provided a lot more spring onions and sauce. The vegetables was just a tad overcooked.
I loved the dessert, except for the limited choice of fruits.
Overall the food was mediocre except for some of the seafood dishes. The grade that I’d give the menu is a 4/10. I’d never come back here again, unless someone paid me to.

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Japan city

Japan city is a shop as well as an eatery at Westfield in Chatswood. I went there last weekend whilst I was at a friends wedding. It had just opened.
Here they sold some cute but really expensive Japanese items. They had a 30% off everything sale for the month of April. Here I bought a pair of really cute Japanese chopsticks for $5.90.
Here there was a competition where someone can win an iPad, Headphones or a $100 voucher from them. It ended on 31/4/2012.
Japan eat street inside Japan city had just opened and I was inspired to try something within that city so I did with a group of friends.

The buzzer and my tea

Some of the stuff sold in Japan City

Here they had six worlds and this was just like a food court in Japan. They have plenty of seating and I loved the lighting and atmosphere. It is just like Japan.
But unfortunately to my friends dismay the coffee machine broke down and wasn’t working. So we ended up going elsewhere for coffee. But meanwhile we ordered one bento ( I don’t know the price of this as they offered to pay for lunch for me), one cold soba noodles ($10.90) and one eel sushi ($18.90). I also had one green tea ($2.00) from the tea place.
Everything was expensive but good, unlike the meal at Kam fook. The desserts looked really cute though.
The waitress was really friendly and they gave us a buzzer so that when the food is ready we come up and collect the plates. And when we finished they collected the places. Too bad that they don’t have a sake bar.
I’d only come back for a special occasion.

The coffee club in Westfield Chatswood, Sydney

The coffee club is a chain store that is found in Victoria, New South Wales and in Brisbane. It started in Brisbane.
I have tried several of these in Melbourne but the quality of the food is really bad for the price you pay. But here in Sydney the chocolate cake ($6.90) is pretty darn good for that price. It is moist and very heavenly rich. Omomomomom!!!! Bon appetit.
Also the coffee my friends claim is really good. I’ve had coffee in the Melbourne chains and didn’t like it much. They were burnt or otherwise lukewarm.
I’ve had tacos at the Highpoint branch and they were really soggy. I did at one stage have the lifestyle breakfast and it was drenched in oil. I can’t remember which store but I know it was one store that I went to.
Service was really good in Sydney compared to Melbourne ones where the service was virtually non existent. Although we did have a wait at the Sydney one the food made up for it.

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Villawood @North Melbourne station

Villawood is a tiny cafe at North Melbourne station. It was so small and always closed, so I didn’t notice it until today. It was opened for year and it has been busy ever since with a lot of commuters from the nearby station.
It is an old school canteen, hence limited hours. But they do roast their own coffee.
They only have limited amount of food, but this is much better than going over to North Melbourne station any day. They claim to also have Italian Gelato, but it was breakfast time when I came.
I had a crossaint and OJ for $7.50. They were just ok, nothing too spectacular.
If I do come back Ill have to try out their gelato.

Afternoon tea (well sort of and sort of early dinner) @ Kaneda

Kaneda is a very small Japanese restaurant run by Chinese. Here they cater for RMIT students as well as workers like Big Fil who went there a couple of days ago. It has been around for some time and because I study at this end of the city, it was one of my favourite haunts. And the word is was, because the quality lacked a little bit.
It was not busy, in fact it was very quiet for a Tuesday afternoon.
The service here was really fast, which led me to believe that some of the food was microwaved.
Here the atmosphere is dim which I love. It represents a big part of Japan.

They have an afternoon tea special between 3pm-5:30pm weekdays which I took advantage of. The bentos were priced between $9.80-$11.80 (about $4 discount) and it includes miso soup, rice, salad and free drink. I had the vegetarian bento.  I was extra hungry and I got a serve of tamago and inari sushi ($7 altogether).
The rice was very dry and the sushi was just ordinarly blah.
But I did love the tempura and the freshness of the bean curd. Well cooked, but the beancurd was a little soggy from sitting in the sauce; it should be seperate from the tofu itself.
The salad looked like it had been sitting there for a while, and the mayonaise was too sweet for my liking.
The soup didn’t have enough saltiness to it. It was a little bland and where were all my TOFU BITS!!!!!
Now I remember why I haven’t come back in a while and I never will return, even if Big Fil paid me to.

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