lunching at lord of the fires

by newintstudents

Lord of the fries is a place that has been around for years. They had featured in last years “World Vegan day” event in Abbotsford Convent. But I never got a chance to try it, because I don’t eat chips all that often. And when I do its really salty.
But these ones are not so salty. In fact they are vegan and have no salt.
There are about 10 different Lord of the fries stores in Melbourne, but I went to the one in Melbourne Central because it is close to my work.
They do mainly sell vegan chips in a cone, but they also sell other stuff. Here they have different varieties of sauce that you can choose from, but I didn’t feel like sauce that day.
I got chips with onion rings which I liked and were done to perfection. I could have got the burger as well but seeing as it was late in the day and I wasn’t very hungry so I didn’t.
I got the onion rings and chips in a snack box for $5.95 but they were really filling.
What a good bargain! I’m glad I found this place

I think Here’s the veg and Eat and be merry would like to visit here. Any thoughts you guys on this place?