Dinner at Cho Gao

by newintstudents

Doesn’t like it.
I went to a volunteer dinner at Cho Gao the other night. This volunteer dinner was organised by RUSU. RUSU used my 25% off offer from my Entertainment card and hence saved about $30. I wonder why this place had 48% of people liking it.

Here it felt like a bit of a Chinese prison with security guards checking bags and id and confiscating water. WTF??? And what’s even worse is that I checked out the bathrooms and felt like being in an Asian prison (it was designed poorly). The water station was hard to find.

Service was really bad. It took a while for us to get our drinks. It was busy at the bar, but still. But the pizzas came out really quickly, which led me to believe that everything was microwaved.

 I took one of these so that you know what this looks and feels like.

 This enhances the feeling of a Korean prison

They have a wide range of bar snacks and main meals and desserts. After all they are an Asian bar. They have $4 pizzas after 7pm. But because me and 16 other people all got in about 6pm, RUSU had to pay $16 per plate of pizza. And we got 16 plates for all of us to share plus 6 bowls of chilli fries for $5 each.

The lemonade was too sickly sweet and the pizzas were hardly worth the $16 we had to pay, except for the Thai one which was really spicy.

The others were really soggy and everything fell off. I had to ask for a plate. The base was too thin. I hate thin bases!

The fries were not salty which I loved, but I didn’t get the weird cheese sauce. I would have loved more spices or even a spicy sauce (think Nandos).

Altogether we spent $158 on the pizzas and the chips (without the 25% off discount). It was not worth it. Never again will we be back. I’d like to see what Eat and be merry think of it.

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