Azurea cafe

by newintstudents

I was out in Bundoora again, this time working on a project.
Forgot my lunch again so I went to this place called Azurea at 2pm as I felt like a really late lunch.
Azurea is a bar/bistro and restaurant catered for students. Here they have $10 lunch specials which doesn’t include drinks. They do have wine, beers, soft drinks, teas, coffees etc on offer. They have a $6.50 coffee and cake special which I would have loved to try but didn’t. I wasn’t in the mood for it.
Instead I went for fish and chips. At $10 the plate was massive. The fish was grilled. Good for a healthy option, but I wasn’t expecting it. Nevertheless I finished the fish and enjoyed myself. It was grilled perfectly. Yum!!!
Loved the fact that the chips were not too salty. Didn’t like the fact that they came out of a frozen packet- yuck!
The green tea ($3 for not much) wasn’t much to write home about.
Except for one waitress that seemed downright and obnoxious, all of them including the manager seemed very friendly. In fact the manager encouraged me to take pictures, which was nice of him. Not many people do this.
There should be the “RUSU’s” lovely “Drinks with friends” held here in the summer months.

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