Cacao green at Bourke st

by newintstudents

It is extremely popular with students and workers from the RMIT business building.
It had only been opened for a month now and I attended their opening day as well as going there regularly.  I’ve always been in love with their yoghurt.
The space makes me feel at home. I would love to study here and watch the rest of the world pass by.
They are a fair trade cafe, hence their expensive prices. But I did love their cute dishes and desserts. And I loved the flower vase nearby.
The service was just a ok. You order, you pay and then the dessert and the tea comes by fast.
The dessert was just divine. I had a limonetto frozen yoghurt ($4.70 for a small and today’s special was a free upgrade on this flavour which I got) with three toppings ($2.50). It was tantilising. And nice for a warm day.
The tea was just ok…. but their main focus is the dessert. And they got that right.

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