Fair trade festival

by newintstudents

Freebies- who doesn’t love em

Free lentil meal- yum

Free toothpaste

The Fair trade fortnight is something that happens every year in May for two weeks. It is there to promote Fair trade products and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle for everyone. There are a few events and many more that happen during this fortnight. But here are some of the ones that happened in Melbourne that I went to:
1) Fair trade at Melbourne Uni
It was a nice sunny day on the north court of Melbourne Uni.
Here they had an array of free chocolates, luncheons and stuff for sale. It attracted about 1000 uni students all wanting a free fix.
The live below the line guys were there handing out free vegetarian goodness. It was yummy goodness. You can do the live below the poverty line project for a week. You only have $10 to spend on food.
Some of the other stalls encouraged people to donate money in which I did.

2) Fair trade at RMIT
This was a lot smaller and they only had a bbq and some stalls. It was a little disorganised, but then again everyone had assignments due and couldn’t help out. Got a few freebies from this such as a toothpaste and other things. can’t wait for tomorrow though.
For the Bundoora students Latrobe University had one as well but it is just like the RMIT one, hence no pictures of this event.

3) Fair trade at Fed Square
This was really hard to find as it is in an attrium and not outside. But still they had all the free samples and chocolate goodies for us to try.
They also had cute things on offer to buy and I bought some chocolates.

4) Free coffee @Starbucks= enjoy
Yay!!! More free goodies for us to enjoy. I had a short black. It was rather busy at the Bourke St mall as many students rocked up for their free caffeine fix. Not everyone knew that the coffees were free and some people actually tried to pay but the guy refused their money. The guy there was really lovely.
The Starbucks coffee is actually fair trade.
Oh I just  wished that their offer would be longer as some people don’t have coffee until after 10am.