Snag stand- second visit

by newintstudents

You can read all about my first visit here:
This visit was much better than the last. One friend said that he wanted to go with me because he really did like their sausages (although they are a tad expensive). They are always changing the menu and are trying new things. They are from the US. Sweet!!! An american place for a change.  This time they had Hepburn drinks and combos for $10 which was amazing. These combos included chips, sauce, hot dog and drink. You can choose between cola and Hepburn drinks and I love Hepburn drinks. They’re organic and homemade not like the bottled stuff you get outside.
I loved the rustic potato chips and the American hot dog. It just melts in the mouth. Om Om Om Om!!!! Yummy. The bread was nice and soft and it was brioche bread.
They also introduced chill fries which were amazing. But let me warn you they are spicy and can fill you up easily. And they have loads of cheese, so if you are not a cheese fan don’t buy it. There are plenty of options for those that hate cheese and meat such as the ones that Here’s the Veg ordered.
It would be nice if they did have a buy one dog get one free in the Entertainment book and then that way they would attract more people. It is popular with all the vegans and students. They could also offer free dipping sauce for students if they just ordered the chips. A dipping sauce is worth $0.80 but if it is with a combo it is free.

I think I might just pop by whenever I want a health kick!

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