Coffee at Cafe Venutto at Southern Cross

by newintstudents

I went to Cafe Venutto at Southern Cross whilst waiting for my train. I had half an hour to kill before it came. So I figured to go for a morning tea break and coffee.
Here Caffe Venutto’s motto is Coffee to go meaning that it specialises in coffee and not much else. Seeing as it was coffee time, they had not much food.
The music was a great way to attract people; old and young. With its outdoor setting you can watch the world go by. It was very busy.

Pie face is just next door to them and their pies are really cold and terrible. I had a cold apple pie which was so sickly sweet that I could not finish it.
Going back to Cafe Venutto they did have a macaroon and coffee special for $4.90. The macaroon was so small and at $2.50 A pop it was expensive. The chocolate one that I had was really squishy.
Service was a bit substandard and the guy who served me looked really tired. He was a bit slow on the uptake of the $4.90 special and tried to charge me full price
The pain raisin was small, but not too sweet. Probably not worth the $3.50 though.
The mocha had more coffee than chocolate. It did not have any artwork.
Now I can see why the place only attract the travellers and not the regulars. Meh I probably wouldn’t return seeing as it is out of my way